Match, manage, report.

How does Riipen work for Educators?


Post an experience (your course, for example) to the marketplace and match with employer projects that meet your course learning objectives.


Bring your learners on to Riipen and have them engage with the employers and complete the projects you matched with, all with your oversight and guidance.


Accurately and efficiently assess the learning objectives completed within the projects and provide learners with impactful feedback and experience.


Build your ecosystem through the relationships you have with companies and employers, repeating projects and experiences with new students.


Match your experience to real company projects that have been posted to Riipen's open  marketplace all while fully customizing your match making process tomake it as easy as possible.

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Match with projects by using match requests which act as your hub for communicating with potential matching employers, negotiating project details and scope, or even by proposing projects to your favorite company partners.

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Marketplace & Matching

Match your experience to real company projects through the largest project based learning marketplace in the world. Negotiate project details, define custom criteria, and communicate securely all from within Riipen.

What can Riipen do for an educator?

Enhance your courses with employer-led projects to improve student engagement, subject matter mastery and employability outcomes
Provide accessible and equitable experiences for all students to engage in authentic skill-building opportunities
Capture all project based learning and assess outcomes and real world applicability at scale
Grow and manage  your experiential learning programs and ecosystems across all subject areas

Experiences & Project Management

Create experiences perfectly customised to your project based learning program needs to facilitate everything from matching with projects, to on-boarding learners, to project management and outcome tracking.


Post fully customisable experiences to attract projects from Riipen or your own ecosystem which reflect any project based learning opportunities for your learners whether they are in or outside the classroom.

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Project Management

Manage every aspect of how your learners engage with companies and work on projects through extensive project management features available to educators

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Go deeper- get more out of your experiences.


Create, track, and analyse the outcomes you are looking to drive easily across all of your learner projects and experiences on Riipen.

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Collect the right data, at the right time, from the right stakeholders to ensure projects run smoothly, learning objectives are met, and program outcomes are successful.

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Manage all of your legal and operational requirements with agreements to facilitate employer or learner document signings along their journey.

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Building your Ecosystem

Combine your own fully customized portal on Riipen with the ability to grow your own private ecosystem of companies and projects to ensure educators are matching and providing learners with the best projects specifically within your institution.

Branded Private Portal

Fully customize your own Riipen portal for your institution's needs including branding, workflows, company ecosystem, and more, ensuring brand recognition and trust from all of your stakeholders while integrating with your other software tools to make onboarding and usage seamless.

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Private Marketplace

Build your own private marketplace and ecosystem of companies and projects within Riipen to facilitate a private and fully customized experience for your employer partners while providing your learners with optimial project opportunities from your own network.

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Track your impact with our powerful reporting tools.


Each portal on our platform has an integrated powerful business intelligence tool which includes a set of default sharable reports on each key data point for the portal. These allow ease of reporting and impact assessment, and include: a breakdown of all members, distribution of company interaction by industry, count of student experience, detailed feedback report and more.

Explore more Riipen features for educators and schools.


Award achievements to all users in your ecosystem to represent their accomplishments within Riipen and for completing various aspects of project based learning.

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Message your ecosystem in the right context with real time messaging, file sharing, meeting booking and more in the Riipen message centre.

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Experience Learner Onboarding

Easily onboard your learners into your portal and experiences using several flexible and configurable options.

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Experience Learner Management

Manage how your learners will join your experience on Riipen and how they will be organised into working on projects easily.

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Team Applications

Treat your projects like more traditional internships or jobs and allow your learners to apply to the projects while the employers vet applicants.

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Custom Notifications

Ensure your stakeholders receive all the important information you want to share on every step of their journey with customizable notifications.

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Easily bring your stakeholders with you into Riipen by using our importer tool. Import learners, companies, and even individual teams right into your portal.

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Integrate your Riipen portal with your external ecosystem for better connectivity across all of your preferred platforms including LMSs, authentication systems, credentialing, and more.

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Developer API

Gain programatic access to all your data, create custom integrations, or go codeless and create custom workflows integrated into your external systems.

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