Riipen is committed to helping students develop the skills they need to succeed. To help us end graduate underemployment, we are supported by our incredible network of partners.

Interested in becoming a Riipen partner? Send us a message at

  • Canadian Marketing Association (CMA)
    CMA is the preeminent voice, advocate and advisor of the Canadian marketing profession. CMA's 400+ corporate members share thought leadership, participate in professional development offerings and contribute to a balanced environment where consumers are respected while businesses can thrive.
    EDGE UP (Energy to Digital Growth Education and Upskilling Project) is a short-term skills development program for mid-career Oil and Gas professionals who have been displaced from the Oil and Gas sector in Calgary. The project aims to help former employees of the Oil and Gas sector gain employment in Calgary’s high-demand, high-growth digital technology opportunities across all industries.
  • Royal Bank of Canada
    To help young Canadians prepare for the future of work, RBC Future Launch and Riipen have partnered to provide students with the opportunity to develop the skills and gain the work experience they need for the jobs of tomorrow. The Riipen platform will be made available through the support of the RBC Foundation to students at thirteen post-secondary institutions from across Canada.
  • Lighthouse Labs
    Lighthouse Labs was created in 2013 by a team of software developers with a passion for code, mentorship, and education. Their mission: to continuously find the best ways to train the next generation of developers and transform the way tech education is delivered.
  • Business + Higher Education Round Table (BHER)
    In a collaborative partnership with Riipen, the world’s largest marketplace of work-integrated learning experiences for students. This partnership is made possible by a $2.6 million dollar investment from the Government of Canada and in-kind support from Riipen to deliver 12,000 new work-integrated learning (WIL) experiences across Canada by March 2022.