Advance Ontario

A fully remote internship program in collaboration with the Ministry of Colleges & Universities, beginning in September 2023. This program will help underserved Ontario students build skills and earn paid work experience while completing employer-led projects on the Riipen platform alongside a supportive community of their peers.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation has partnered with Riipen to deliver Employer-Provided Innovation Challenges (EPIC). This project will support students from several program partners to access work-based learning experiences.

This project will support students develop soft skills and participate in high-quality problem-based learning in preparation for entering the workforce

RBC Future Launch

RBC-Riipen’s partnership has enabled over 27,000 students to experience customized work-integrated learning, with tremendously valuable outcomes for learners and instructors alike.

The emphasis of our partnership is on increasing access, diversity and inclusion by offering 30 institutions from across Canada access to WIL projects.

The Council of Independent Colleges (CIC)

The Council of Independent Colleges (CIC)  is the major national organization that focuses on services to leaders of independent colleges and universities and state-based councils. CIC and Riipen have joined forces in a multi-year project to benefit 25 member institutions.

This collaboration aims to integrate work-based learning opportunities into up to 375 courses led by 125 faculty members and impacting up to 11,250 students.

ACCES Employment

ACCES Employment’s Experiential Learning program brings together companies and internationally trained talent through a unique workplace project experience.

The initiative gives companies the opportunity to preview potential talent by engaging with skilled internationally trained professionals on a practical workplace project, gain insights, new solutions and different perspectives on workplace projects, and help internationally trained professionals to acquire valuable and practical knowledge of Canadian workplaces.
Visit Acces Employment website

Calgary Economic Development (EDGE UP)

EDGE UP (Energy to Digital Growth Education and Upskilling Project) is a multi-stakeholder program launched in Calgary in 2019 to test new approaches to skills development for workers to re-engage with technology jobs being created in all sectors of Calgary’s economy.

The goal of this project is to support displaced Oil and Gas workers' transition to jobs in Calgary’s high-demand, high-growth digital technology. In partnerships with ICTC, the University of Calgary Continuing Education, SAIT, Bow Valley College, and Mount Royal University.
Visit Edge Up website

Career Accelerator Lab-Accelerate Her Future

Supporting BIPOC Women to upskill into high-growth sectors and access work-based learning projects to develop their experience and employer network.

AHF’s Virtual Career Accelerator is a fully-funded 16-week program for self-identifying Black, Indigenous and women of colour based in Ontario. Designed by career development experts and backed by an integrated learning model, AHF’s Virtual Career Accelerator is where participants will develop vital skills to accelerate their future.
Visit Accelerate Her Future website

CAEL (The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning)

Funded by the Truist Foundation, this project aims to support upskilling adult learners and develop practical experiences. The CAEL and Truist Foundation partnership encompasses a six-year multicity initiative that prioritizes Black, Indigenous, and persons of color (BIPOC) as well as underserved communities by building career paths in professions and industries historically unavailable to them, such as financial services.
Visit CEAL website

Diverse Tech Talent Program

DTTP is a unique program designed to address a critical issue in the tech industry: the underrepresentation of Black Canadians and newcomers aged 18-35. With a focus on diversity and innovation, DTTP is poised to shape the future of tech.

DTTP participants complete specialized skills training, received mentorship, and have participated in an innovation hackathon. The final phase of their certificate connects tech talent with forward-thinking employers to gain practical experience in the industry.
Read more about DTTP here

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