Post customisable experiences to find and match with projects which meet the needs of your project based learning opportunities whether they are in or outside the classroom.
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Get started
Attract great company projects which meet your specific criteria
Take control and fully customise the experience for companies and learners
Easily track all activity from matching to team deliverables in one spot

Step-by-Step Creation

Craft your experience exactly as you want with our easy to use step-by-step creation process.

Go from sign up to finding projects in under 20 minutes
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Match Requests

Send and receive match requests directly from your experience for perspective projects for your learners to work on.

Meet companies and negotiate project details all from one spot
Easily set expectations and communicate effectively with messaging and meetings tools
Ensure the perfect project with custom criteria to be met by projects
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Learner Onboarding

Easily onboard your learners into your experience using several flexible and configurable options.

Onboard learners in less than 2 minutes
Support for scaling onboarding of 1000s of learners and more
Use integrated onboarding options to best fit your existing software tools
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Learner Management

Manage how your learners join your experience, and how they will be organized or assigned to your matched projects.

Onboard your learners in less than 2 minutes
Customize team milestones, work logs, surveys, agreements, and more to your exact specifications.
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Project Management

Manage every aspect of how your learners engage with companies and work on projects through extensive project management features available to educators.

Create milestones, surveys, agreements, and more to be completed by learners and employers during a project
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Create, track, and analyse the outcomes you are looking to drive easily across all of your learner projects and experiences on Riipen.

Create portal wide systems and process to ensure outcome data is always being tracked accurately and reliably
Analyse and report on your data easily to find the answers you need
Reward your users with tangible and transferable outcomes
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