Private Portal
Private Marketplace

Private Marketplace

Build your own private marketplace and ecosystem of companies and projects within Riipen to facilitate a private experience for your employer partners while ensuring the highest quality of outcomes from your trusted network.
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Get started
Give your companies a fully branded, private, and customised experience in your portal
Keep your network of companies private and seperated from other institutions using Riipen
Build your ecosystem of high quality partners with a project pipeline you fully control


Build and cultivate your own private marketplace where you can match your private experiences with private projects from companies you know and trust.

Keep your existing network completely private
Run your marketplace exactly how you want with a full range of customizable settings
Supplement your private marketplace with Riipen's open marketplace to get started building your ecosystem fast
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Portal Passes

Easily control what companies have access to your private portal and marketplace via portal passes.

Communicate and work with your network directly inside of Riipen with abilities such as proposing projects, marketing experiences, direct messaging and more.

Manage your entire company ecosystem in an easy to use CRM-like environment
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Company Applications

Allow companies to apply for a portal pass and meet new companies outside your network or screen companies in your existing network easily while ensuring they meet any criteria you desire.

Set custom questions on your portal pass application form to ensure you are collecting the criteria you need
Evaluate applications and award or deny portal passes easily
Evaluate a company's other activity and reputation on Riipen before accepting
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Invite your existing network directly into your portal with a portal pass invite to get your ecosystem built fast.

Continually invite members of your external network into Riipen quickly
Step-by-step workflow allows easy invites with custom outbound messaging
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Easily import an unlimited number of companies directly into your portal with portal passes via the Riipen importer tool.

Import your large existing network of companies easily
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