For businesses and nonprofits of all sizes

Fuel innovation, propel success with students & their expertise to amplify your projects

Unleash success by partnering with Riipen to free up your time, give students an opportunity to build their skills and resume, while earning a course credit for completed projects. Learn how Riipen can help you tackle projects by working with industry expert educators at top colleges & universities.

Educational partners

The Riipen difference

No cost to employers, students receive academic (course) credit
Fully remote, work with students from anywhere
Individual or team-based to tackle large-scale projects
Supervised by students’ educator/professor
A single platform for communication, project management, and feedback

Traditional internships

Unpaid or require employer to pay
Often in-person, creating geographical limitations and commuting costs
Typically individual projects only
No outside accountability
Requires multiple disconnected tools for tracking progress

How it works

Your projects, North America and UK students

  • Reach 9,000+ educators and their 115,000+ students.
  • 155 project templates (and counting) available to turn your ideas into published internship projects within 10 minutes.
  • Powerful Recommendation Engine suggests relevant academic courses to match with your projects.

Use your tech stack (or ours)

  • Conduct interviews and host meetings with Zoom and Google Meet integrations.
  • Provide mentorship and feedback to the students you work with to build their portfolio, then receive their work in return.

Pay interns with mentorship and course credit

  • Schools pay to give their students access to Riipen, fully-subsidizing the cost for participating employers
  • Hire the top performing students after your match with no fees or hidden costs
  • Pay it forward by giving students the work experience they need to stand-out

Discover our cutting-edge AI feature

  • Innovate your project creation with our cutting-edge AI features and intuative tools
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Don't take our word for it. See Riipen in action.

"If you're looking for resources to grow your business, resources to improve your business - there's no better place to look than Riipen."
Dorinda Byers
Business owner
D Byers & Associates
of employers benefitted from participating in their project
of employers found the knowledge and skills of the students the #1 benefit
of employers plan to continue using project-based experiences to support HR planning
Increase in student satisfaction with courses
Increase in student satisfaction with courses
of Educators use Riipen for more than one semester.

Modernize internships

Zero cost to you

Do well while doing good. You can’t put a price on making a difference:  you pay with  mentorship, while we take care of the rest — no hidden costs or sneaky pricing structure.

Build a diverse talent pipeline

Identify and recruit top talent before your competitors.  Look beyond resumes and interviews with the chance to accurately assess a candidate’s skills through hands-on projects and challenges.

Reach schools locally and across borders

Find student talent who reflects your business. Connect virtually with students who have interests and passions that align with your business goals — no matter where you’re located.

Transform your business with student talent

Frequently asked questions

How does Riipen differ from an internship?

Riipen is different from internship platforms and job boards in three main respects: 1) nearly all projects are virtual; 2) student's work is project-based; and 3) usually, the learner's work is part of an academic program. Most activities are also team-based rather than individual. With that said, some Riipen projects will entail 100+ hours of student effort and can provide learners with a similar level of experience to internship programs. Search "virtual internship" in our Course Library to see some examples of these.

What kind of work can students do?

The best way to get a sense of this is to browse the Riipen Courses to see what opportunities are available. Learners on Riipen have worked on wide-ranging projects, including web design, simulation modelling, data mining, market research, graphic design, financial analysis, and many more. Project areas are driven by academic requirements, and there will always be a learning component for learners in addition to the value to your business.

How do I find the right work-based learning experience?

The success of an internship program largely depends on communicating your objectives and business needs, so make sure you spend some extra time creating a clear description of your project to find interns in no time.
Fortunately, Riipen provides employers with pre-built templates to help them get started while providing free access to over 115,000 students and 630 educational institutions.

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