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Join an education revolution. Riipen helps students get work experience with real companies for course credit. 
To work on projects in class, ask your professors about Riipen! 

How it works

Get real experience in a way that works for you.

Step 1

Create an account on Riipen using your email or LinkedIn account

Step 2

Join a project for your course or discover virtual internship opportunities.

Step 3

Use Riipen's chat and milestones feature to communicate and track progress.

Step 4

Prove your skills, and get verified feedback from real companies to add to your portfolio

How can you get experience on Riipen? 



On Riipen your educators can connect directly with companies and non-profits who have real business challenges for you to solve.

Projects are reviewed and approved by your educator and built directly into your classes. You can grow your professional network, get relevant experience, and get course credit! all at the same time.



The Riipen market place has companies of all shapes and sizes. Engage with large multi-nationals, local businesses, non-profits, governments and more!

Riipen works across all industries and geographies to provide students a range of experience. We know that the best way to figure out what you like, is to try it.

How does Riipen help you?

We want you to get a job you love! For that, you need the right experience to get you there.

Grow your professional network

Connect with companies of all shapes and sizes. Engage with large multi-nationals, local businesses, non-profits, governments and more!

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Manage your projects

In-app chat, video conferencing, file sharing, meeting booking, project milestones, and many more tools to help keep projects on track.

Build your portfolio

Receive feedback from real-companies on the skills and knowledge you demonstrated while completing your projects on Riipen. Easily link to your Riipen portfolio on job applications and LinkedIn.

​Chris Ku
British Columbia Institute of Technology: School of Business

I believe Riipen has begun to revolutionize how higher education can be enhanced through industry involvement. Thank you so much for your dedication and giving students the opportunity to improve their educational experience

Dustin Tysick
University of BritishColumbia: Sauder School of Business

As a student, there is nothing more frustrating than sending off hundreds of generic resumes that don't show off what you can really do. Riipen lets students walk the walk and really show companies just how valuable they are.

Jason Yeh
Simon Fraser University: Beedie School ofBusiness

I wanted to let you know that GradusOne got back to me for an interview! I'm on my way to a second round of interviews with the HR manager next week! This is all thanks to Riipen and their awesome team! Thanks for providing students like me with these kinds of opportunities to grow professionally.

Access Project Opportunities
Develop & Validate New Skills
Build & Nurture Your Employer Network
Earn Employment Opportunities & Incentives

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