Private Portal

Private Portal

Fully customize your own Riipen portal for your institution's needs including branding, workflows, company ecosystem, and more!
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Get started
Build your own private project based learning ecosystem
Take full control of project based learning for your institution from looks to process
Full control how educators, learners, and employers within your portal interact with each other


Customize the look and feel of your portal with your institution's logos and colors.

Ensure brand recognition
Showcase your institution, not Riipen
Make your users more comfortable
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Fully customize what vocabulary and terminology is displayed to your users to ensure that users can smoothly transition from other institutional software to Riipen without having to learn new terms.

Customize major terminology across the entire platform and all external communications
Automatic support for singular, plural, and capitalisation of words in plaace
Works with words or acronyms
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Private Marketplace

Allow companies to join your portal directly while giving them access to your private marketplace where you can match experiences to projects entirely from this private network.

Grow your own ecosystem of companies and projects to match directly with your experiences completely separate from the rest of Riipen
Manage your ecosystem easily with CRM-like features for all companies within your network
Supplement your ecosystem with Riipen's open marketplace and invite companies to a portal pass once you have built trust with them to continue to grow your network
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Bring in all of your stakeholders easily from any other system or data source with the Riipen Importer. Easily import your learners and companies to give them all access to your portal.

Import learners from an external data source such as SIS, LMS, or any other system
Immediately bring in your existing ecosystem of companies and employers without any onboarding hassle
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Easily integrate your portal with other software tools such as authentication, credentialing, or LMS systems.

Ensure easy onboarding with SSO and LMS integrations
Keep all your institutional credentialing in one spot with credentialing integrations
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