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Level UP Learners
Here's what Level UP learners had to say about their experience.
My field of study was not related to the project at all but the project itself is very complementary, because in my field of study we do collaborate a lot. So it was really good to work with another partner, who is in a different field and was able to help me build on those collaboration skills.
Ryan Bateman, University of Saskatchewan
Ivey Norton, McGill University
This project gave me much needed experience in video-editing. I could test my abilities while receiving constructive feedback. I got a lot of coaching from my employer, who were open to sitting down and talking me through the needs of the project.
Gina Bennett, MacEwan University
John, McMaster University
It was incredibly relevant to my field of study. I'm interested in editorial design and that also includes the design of books and manuscripts. In this case, I was designing a notebook. So I learned to create a different concepts and different ways that we can deliver information.
David Ho Sang, George Brown College
Jose Viray, Douglas College
I would definitely recommend this to a friend or anyone who's looking to get hands-on experience in their field of study. I was able to complete the project and learn so much more about myself. Whether they're coming from a computer science, business, or marketing background, there are so many opportunities where you can learn and get more experience.
Hafeez Khan, Ryerson University
Suhaib Aldada, University of Toronto
The environment has always been something I've been passionate about. The company, Local Grown Salads, is a sustainable urban agriculture company [...] I felt that the company's agendas fit very well with my beliefs. I learned a lot and it really correlated with my field of study, which is Environmental Studies.
Asees Sandhu, University of Toronto
Shasivaranan Segainathan, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)
The projects really allow you to experiment and test yourself in different fields. So it's not just about working within your comfort zone. You also get the experience and the opportunity to expand yourself and work out of your comfort zone. At the end of it, it's all about building relationships and getting to know different people.
Mehran Janatyani, McMaster University
Devon Neudorf, University of Western Ontario                        
Experiential learning allows you to become a lot more hands-on. Unlike your traditional classroom learning, where you might be completing assignments or doing tests/exams, doing this type of work and being actively involved in the publication process allows you to develop skills you would not be able to develop otherwise.
John Johnson, University of Alberta
This project has taught me how to manage my time and has allowed me to explore my design and creativity in a professional environment. It reminded me of my passions and goals in graphic design, and how I want to further myself in this career.
Kayla Agustin, Grant MacEwan University
Gabrielle Samson, Ryerson University
I would highly recommend experiential learning. I think it is the most efficient way to learn. I, myself, am mostly a kinesthetic learner, so I like to experience how things are done. It is definitely the best way to learn in my opinion.
Madison Hilderman, University of British Columbia
Nadia Candler, University of Toronto                                         
I would recommend it to every student. There are so many projects! I can’t express how much I learned and how much more confident I feel after Level UP. I got to see with my own eyes that I was helping a company. It's a win-win situation for both students and employers.
Samira Sayamanesh, Seneca College
Katelyn Chan, University of Western Ontario                           

I would 100% recommend Level UP to other students. I was doing a professional development presentation for one of my courses and Level UP was something I mentioned during it. I think it's great for any student out there to learn new skills and even get paid for the work too.
Bibi Bacchus, Mohawk College
I would say this program is really great for students who are close to finishing their degree but may want to explore their interests in different majors. This is the best opportunity to try something new and get your feet wet in a new industry that you might not have had the opportunity to try out.
Tyson Bilton, University of Calgary
In the future, I want to be a researcher and this project has helped reinsure me that I'm on the right path of what I want to do.
Ishpreet Chana, McMaster University
This project has easily had the biggest impact on my career. It motivates me to pursue even more things because this Riipen project went really well for me. It pushes me to grow even more as a professional.
Janujan Sritharan, University of Toronto
This opportunity is very beneficial to students who are curious about what the field of work is like. You’re getting a little taste of what it’s like to be part of this company before committing it.
Yi Chen Gao, Simon Fraser University
My experience with the employer was amazing. He gave me everything I needed in order to succeed. I would get weekly feedback and I always knew what I had to do. It was incredible.
Rishab Goel, University of Ontario Institute of Technology
The thing I learned about myself is the creative aspect that is entailed with digital marketing. I love doing competitor research and figuring things out. It was a great experience for my career aspirations.
John Lee, McMaster University
If I were to ever branch out and start my own business or become an entrepreneur, I could use some of the tools I learned to help jump-start my own business
Krish Vig, University of Ontario Institute of Technology
This project really helped me learn how to work with the team and it’s solidified my goal in becoming a professional web developer.
Julian Mayes, Emily Carr University of Art and Design
I definitely would recommend it to other students. It's a great way to get your feet wet especially if you're trying to get into an industry in this day and age where everyone is looking for some sort of experience, there's no better place to start than here.
Shasivarnan Sengainathan, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
Level UP Employers
Here's what Level UP employers had to say about their experience.
Aurora Heat
Level UP will allow us (a small charity) to increase our media presence by hiring young people to help us write and design a webpage to promote ourselves. This will give students a chance to practice their skills - and we have the opportunity to engage with younger people and learn from them - as we share our wisdom with them.
R. Roth, Roman Catholic Women Priests Canada
Alpha Woman Co
Level UP's funding would allow us to attract brilliant students we may not have reached before, such as low-income students who depend on part-time jobs. This helps us amplify our impact, both through increased programming (for the benefit of other students) and direct mentorship with new student leaders.
Austin Teshuba, Enactus Hacks
Reel Youth
The students we hired through Level UP completely revamped our branding, developed a social media marketing strategy, updated our websites and brainstormed possible events that would be easy to implement online. Now, we have a consistent list of strategic posts that encourages engagement and promotes our online activities. The Level UP program brought our small society back to life.
Nikkei Cultural Society
Amelia Merrick, CFDC                           
I've been searching for a program like Level UP for years. This program gives me the ability to work with students who can help on the lower budget projects where the client just can't afford to hire a professional graphic designer, copywriter or other specialized skill needed to complete the project.
Jason Ross, Radiant Freedom
David Sim, Arbourdale                  
This initiative provides opportunities for our small, but growing educational services firm to identify diverse talent across Canada for future paid work placements while providing mutually beneficial opportunities for students to further develop their talent.
Steven Regimbal, Work Den                                                       
Level UP is a fantastic way for small businesses like mine to be able to provide valuable work experience to students across Canada. It opens up a world of collaborative opportunities and truly is a win-win for our universities, students, and businesses.
Lisa Roughley, RoughleySpeaking