Riipen for Employers

Level UP your business with the help of brilliant minds

Grow your business with the help of students through short-term fully funded projects.

Connect with a team member
Employers who previously participated in Level UP are not eligible again at this time.

An opportunity centered around your project

Create the project of your choice and get top students (individually or in groups) to work on it.

Fits your busy schedule

Design your project on a 2-8 week timeline that works for you and the students.

Easy set up for your project

Choose from a variety of customizable project templates to get you started in no time.

At no cost to you

Students are compensated directly through Riipen thanks to the Government of Canada. This means there is no cost to you!

Getting started is easy.

Who's eligible?


  • Businesses and non-profit organizations;
  • Must be willing to spend time with the students - educating them on business challenges or opportunities and answering questions to complete the project

One login, endless possibilities

Level UP is built into Riipen, the world's largest experiential learning marketplace.

In addition to Level UP, you'll gain access to Riipen's educator network and participate in classroom-related projects in various subject areas.

Choose from dozens of project areas, including:

Marketing research
Computer science & machine learning
Science/technical writing
Financial analysis
Public health education campaigns
Social media marketing
Supply chain management and logistics
+ more being added every day

Still have questions?

This program is funded by the Government of Canada's Work-Integrated Learning Intiatives.