Bring Experiential  Learning to Your Students

Riipen helps educators and higher education institutions easily introduce students to project-based work experience, in the classroom or outside of it.

How it works

Step 1

Post a course or internship page describing what projects you need.

Step 2

Get (and send) requests to collaborate with local or remote companies. 

Step 3

Invite your students onto the platform to interact with employers.

Step 4

Oversee, track and report on student progress.

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Course templates provide educators with ready-made experiential learning activities. Templates are developed from past successful courses and are designed to appeal to companies.  



Companies on Riipen create projects that consist of real business challenges or opportunities. Projects are reviewed and approved by educators to ensure they are aligned with learning outcomes for students.



Educators on Riipen create courses for their classes with an experiential learning components. Browse our course library to learn from peers. 

A comprehensive experiential learning platform

Features designed to make experiential learning easy.

Rapid Project Creation

1-on-1 design consultations with our team.
Virtual walkthroughs and live help center support.
Templates to get you started.
Step-by-step guide to seamlessly get set up.

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Intuitive Matchmaking

Grow your employer network.
Marketplace of business projects to request and connect with.
Marketplace of other courses to get inspired.
Recommendation engine for facilitated matchmaking.

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Streamlined Management and Communication

In-app chat, video conferencing, and file sharing.
Milestone tracking.
Team creation and management.
Reminders and notifications to track progress.

Simple Reporting and Feedback

Track feedback and assessments.
Verify and validate students' skills and knowledge.
Record and report on all Riipen activity across campus.

Sophie Winters
Agribusiness Instructor
State University of New York -Cobleskill

My experience at Riipen has been extremely pleasant. They found perfect industry partners for my students and they were very responsive every step of the way. As an instructor I feel reassured that my class will be enhanced by these real-world experiences.

Tom Culham
Business Instructor
Sauder School of Business at UBC

Riipen helps my students develop real-world experience because they are working with realproblems that industry partners have brought to the table. What the students get theopportunity to do is take the theories they develop in the course, and figure out which onesapply and how to apply them to the particular problem.

Bethany White
Associate Professor (Statistical Sciences)
University of Toronto

Based on informal students' feedback, [...] this project was the highlight of the course! Theyreally appreciated the opportunity to work on an authentic problem/data and were motivated toanswer your questions! As instructors, we also found this to be a valuable experience and would like to continue integrating course projects into STA130 through Riipen.

Industry Network & Marketplace
Project Tracking & Communication
Experience Design: Support &Templates
Feedback and Reporting


Annual subscriptions for academic institutions
Customized pricing based on FTE
academic institutions
Access to project marketplace and
4000 + Industry clients
Branded portal for your institution
Project tracking tools
School and course-level reporting
LMS integration
Guided wizard for new experience creation
Access to 80+ course templates
Access to 5000 + examples
Unlimited student and admin accounts

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