For educators

Riipen for colleges and universities

Riipen is the world's largest experiential learning marketplace. Designed to help educators easily connect with organizations globally; with over 35,000 business and nonprofits at your fingertips to find work-based projects for students.

Educational Partners

How does the Riipen platform work?


Educators post experiences (which correspond to a course) to the marketplace to be matched with employer projects aligned with the desired course objectives and outcomes.


Educators engage actively and efficiently with industry partners and learners through our project management and communication tools to set project milestones and deliverables.


Projects are assigned to students to complete as part of their coursework - students work independently OR as a team on projects AND with flexibility on the hours required to complete.


Educators post or repost their experiences for the next semester to connect their courses with new industry partners and projects.

What can Riipen do for an educator?

Enhance your courses with employer-led projects to improve student engagement, subject matter mastery and employability outcomes
Provide accessible and equitable experiences for all students to engage in authentic skill-building opportunities
Connect course content to skill development and employability outcomes
Provide access and opportunity for students to gain career clarity and expand their professional network
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Features for colleges and universities

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Riipen in action

"Riipen helps my students develop real-world experience because they are working with real problems that industry partners have brought to the table. What the students get the opportunity to do is take the theories they develop in the course and figure out which ones apply and how to apply them to the particular problem."
Tom Culham
Business Instructor
Sauder School of Business at UBC
of learners experience improved soft and hard skills
of learners benefit from increased career clarity
of learners benefit from growing their professional network
Increase in student satisfaction with courses
Increase in student satisfaction with courses
of Educators use Riipen for more than one semester.

Key benefits for colleges and universities

Improve educational and employment outcomes

Help students apply what they’ve learned right away through work-based projects, helping them get a better grasp of their field of study.

Save time and resources

Find relevant organizations for experiential learning activities in just a few clicks —it's as simple as that.

Improve student engagement, retention, and enrolment

Integrate career readiness opportunities directly into your curriculum to ensure student success.

Riipen is the go-to experiential learning platform for higher education

Explore Riipen’s experiential learning solutions for colleges and universities to find opportunities that align best with your educational goals. Join us on our mission to be the work-based learning platform on which learners of all backgrounds and employers of all sizes engage actively, frequently and authentically to deliver improved learning outcomes and to better prepare all students for the world of work through real industry projects.

Workforce development program

Training and development opportunities for students designed to improve their career readiness.

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Work-based learning programs

Work experience programs to engage students through real work projects while contributing to the growth of businesses

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Project Based Internships

Work experience programs to engage students through employer-provided projects while contributing to the growth and success of the business community.

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Are you ready to fully leverage the power of experiential learning?

Frequently asked questions

Can you integrate with learning management systems?

Riipen offers integration with Canvas, D2L, Moodle, and Blackboard using the LTI standard. LMS integration allows students and instructors to access Riipen through Single Sign On and automatically provides them access to their school portal. The setup by an LMS administrator should take no more than 30 minutes.

Can you work with my subject area?

Riipen works with any academic subject matter. The most important thing is to create an experiential learning process that provides value to external organizations. We've found great company matches in subject areas as wide-ranging as biomedical engineering, psychology, history, and interior design. Our Academic Onboarding Specialists can help you design an activity that's likely to attract external partners.

What sets Riipen apart from other experiential learning solutions for higher education?

Riipen is designed to help colleges and universities get the most out of experiential education with its massive toolset for project management and collaboration in the cloud. This allows educational institutions to drastically expand the pool of organizations they can engage with, making it much easier to integrate experiential and service learning into their curriculums.

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