Level UP Case Study – The Antarctic Institute of Canada


The Antarctic Institute of Canada (AIC) is a non-profit Canadian charity organization founded by former Antarctic researcher Austin Mardon in 1985. The AIC supports academic writing, research, and multimedia in many fields.

Through the Level UP remote internship program, the AIC selected learner, Farheen Butt, to work as an interdisciplinary author. 

A student at McMaster University in Ontario, Farheen was tasked with implementing creative writing in a book writing project. She wrote a designated chapter for a book that will soon be published.  

Writing a book chapter is an inspirational accomplishment, and Farheen felt supported entirely during her time working for the AIC. 

“During the internship, I strongly connected with my peers and the organization. There was a lot of help and support available, which I’m thankful for,” she shared. 

The AIC enthusiastically supports the Level UP program and its students and has loved being a part of their career journeys. 

“Our participation was driven by a desire to aid students in work-integrated learning initiatives, offering them a platform to gain real-world experience and knowledge, which could pivot them towards successful careers,” the organization shared. 

This Level UP experience also helped Farheen gain clarity on her future career. 

“Being a part of this internship has positively impacted my future and career aspirations as I now have experience with authorship. That’s very valuable in the career I’m trying to get into,” Farheen said. 

The outcomes achieved by Level UP students on AIC projects benefit them and the organization. 

“The outcomes achieved through the project were highly valuable, resulting primarily in substantial publications for the students and a rich development of knowledge within the participating individuals. The Level UP program has made a significant and positive impact at AIC. The program has actively diversified our recruitment pipeline, introducing us to a more diverse pool of candidates, and enriched our team with fresh perspectives,” the AIC shared. 

Thanks to this project's valuable experience and positive outcomes, Farheen’s career prospects look bright. 

“I’m confident because of this experience; I’ll have a much greater chance of finding a career or a job that would be related to what I’ve already accomplished,” Farheen shared. 

Not only did Farheen enhance her writing skills and gain valuable authorship experience, but this internship showed her how she works best. 

“It was an independent work period, and we were accountable for our work and ourselves. It was great.” 

The AIC values autonomy among Level UP students and empowers students to take ownership of their work.  

“The interns were entrusted with responsibilities that required independent decision-making and the ability to take ownership of their projects. This level of autonomy empowered the interns and contributed to their personal and professional growth,” the organization shared. 

The AIC and Farheen recommend Level UP to businesses and students alike.


“I would highly recommend considering a program like Level UP for those interested in working with students to grow their business. This program has proven to be a valuable resource for the AIC in overcoming several obstacles commonly associated with engaging students. Level UP has helped us streamline the process of working with students and reduce the administrative burden on our organization. By partnering with Level UP, we have been able to tap into a pool of talented students without straining our budget,“ the AIC shared. 

Farheen thinks this is an excellent opportunity for students who enjoy working independently.

“I would recommend this way of learning to those who prefer working at their own speed, prefer more flexibility with their work and schedules, and for those who would much rather stay home and do their work,” she explained. 

Thank you to Farheen Butt for sharing her experience on Riipen. To learn more about how you can get started with the Level UP remote internship program as a student or employer, visit the website here. ‍Stay updated with the latest in higher education, experiential learning, and the future of work, and subscribe to our bi-weekly newsletter, The Riipen Report.

Riipen Level UP program is funded by the Government of Canada's Innovative Work-Integrated Learning (I-WIL) Initiatives program. The opinions and interpretations in this publication are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Government of Canada.

Level UP is funded in part by the Government of Canada's Innovative Work-Integrated Learning (I-WIL) Initiatives program
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