Integrate your Riipen portal with your external ecosystem for better connectivity across all of your preferred platforms including LMSs, authentication systems, credentialing, and more.
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Get started
Integrate with your SSO provider for seamless user account setup
Integrate with you learning management system to enable deep integrations across your Riipen experiences
Integrate with your credentialing systems to ensure learners can take their accomplishments with them


Integrate Riipen into any SSO system which support the SAML 2.0 protocol. This may include your LMS, SIS, or any central identity system.

Don't ask users to sign up for another software tool
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Learning Management Systems

Integrate any experience within your portal to any LMS that supports the LTI protocol. This integration enables single sign on account provisioning for users coming from the LMS into Riipen and inserts learners directly into the linked experience. Or, integrate your whole portal more deeply with a LMS via API to support more advanced functionality such as roster syncing.

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Integrate you Riipen achievements into your external credentialing platform to ensure your learners, educators, and employers are issued credentials from all across your institution using their preferred platform of choice.

Keep all your credentialing in a single spot
Use code-less integration to integrate with any fully custom or proprietary institutional credentialing system
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