Winning moves for 2024: Unleashing future MVPs in your business game

High performing organizations are betting big on internship programs for long-term investment to impact the company’s bottom line. It's not just about touchdowns and field goals this football season it's about making strategic moves off the field too.
February 7, 2024
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High performing organizations are betting big on internship programs for long-term investment to impact the company’s bottom line. It's not just about touchdowns and field goals this football season it's about making strategic moves off the field too. In the game of business, securing victory involves having the right players on your team. Cue the interns, your organization’s MVPs in the making, as we explore the playbook for a winning internship strategy that'll have your company hoisting the championship trophy in the long run.

The pregame warm-up

Before we dive into the gridiron of business strategies, let's huddle up and acknowledge the importance of having interns – the rising stars eager to transition from the college bench to the professional playing field. Just like a well-executed play, internships provide the perfect opportunity to test-drive potential recruits, allowing your team to scout and secure top talent. Riipen gives organizations access to top talent from across Canada that you can leverage.

1st quarter: Interns as extra support

Just like a quarterback depends on a strong offensive line, your company can benefit from interns providing that extra support. These rookies may be new to the industry, but their enthusiasm and fresh perspective can help lighten the workload of your seasoned players, freeing them up for more strategic plays.

2nd quarter: Fresh perspectives and team dynamics

In the world of football, teams need to adapt to new plays and strategies. Interns bring a fresh perspective, helping your company avoid getting stuck in a business playbook rut. Encouraging interns to voice their opinions can lead to game-changing ideas that improve your office culture and overall performance. Plus, their knowledge of current trends keeps your team ahead of the curve.

Halftime: Internship programs - A recruitment power play

As we hit halftime, consider this: internship programs are your secret weapon in recruitment. Not only do they provide a glimpse into an intern's work ethic and compatibility with your company culture, but they also allow your team to identify potential leaders. The mentorship dynamic during internships creates a breeding ground for leadership qualities, ensuring your team is well-equipped for future challenges.

3rd quarter: Boosting employer branding

Just like the hype leading up to the big game, a successful internship program can elevate your employer branding. In today's competitive job market, undergraduates are looking for valuable hands-on experience. A stellar internship program can make your organization a sought-after player, giving you unparalleled access to the best talent in the game. With Riipen, your team can have project-based interns for special to-dos that pop up on an ad hoc basis

4th quarter: The long-term ROI touchdown

Now, let's talk about the endgame – the long-term return on investment. Interns aren't just temporary players; they're potential game-changers for your business. By nurturing them through a well-designed program, you're creating a talent pipeline that could save on recruiting costs and reduce turnover.

Overtime: Tracking the data for victory

As the game clock winds down, it's time to track the data for the ultimate victory lap. While the immediate benefits of an internship program may not be as apparent, diligently monitoring shifts in cost per hire and employee retention rates reveals the true payoff. With a successful internship program, you'll have the stats to prove that investing in interns is a winning strategy.

Final whistle

The trophy goes to those who play strategically, and having a stellar internship program is a game-changer. So, lace up your business cleats, put on your team jersey, and get ready to score big wins for your company with interns leading the charge. After all, in the game of business, the real winners are the ones who invest in their future MVPs – the interns!

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