What makes Level UP internship opportunities so successful?

Riipen has facilitated paid internships for 23,000+ students. Learn about Level UP’s innovative approach to career development and how you can participate.
April 25, 2024
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These are exciting times for Level UP. Since it launched in 2021, the program has facilitated more than 24,000 paid internships for students at 1,800+ companies and organizations across Canada. That adds up to more than 1.8M hours of work-integrated learning. And there’s more to come. Read on to learn what is so unique about Level UP, why the program is so successful, and how you can participate. 

What is Level UP? 

Riipen developed Level UP to bridge the gap between learning and work. Funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Innovative Work-Integrated Learning Initiative, Level UP empowers students through experiential learning projects.   

Both students and employers benefit from Level UP. Students gain resume-building and industry experience while developing critical soft skills like communications and project management. And employers obtain much needed assistance from eager and talented interns at no cost.  

What sets Level UP apart?

Riipen designed Level UP by taking a student-centered approach. Understanding that students have busy schedules, the flexible program allows them to choose projects that meet their goals and set the project timeline in collaboration with the employer. Projects typically last two to eight weeks, and because the program is virtual, interns can work where and when it is most convenient for them.

Level UP empowers students to take control of their career development, providing thousands of internship opportunities to choose from, including projects in popular fields like IT, healthcare, and business. And since many students may still be exploring job opportunities, the program allows them to participate in multiple internships throughout their college careers to hone specific skills or try out different career pathways. 

To ensure an enriching experience for both students and employers, Riipen conducts a thorough yet accessible vetting process for organizations engaged in the program. So students can rest assured that they will gain valuable knowledge and insights from reputable employers. Additionally, interns benefit from at least 5 hours of employer mentorship during the internship, further enhancing their learning experience.

In addition, Level UP internships are paid. Students earn $1,400 for each project completed, paid directly through Riipen.   

How does Level UP benefit employers?

The Level UP program connects employers with talented students from across Canada eager to apply their skills to real-world projects. To ensure employers find the talent they need, Riipen’s platform includes functionality for setting internship requirements such as skills or course of study, and workflows for reviewing applications and scheduling interviews.

The program is fully subsidized, so employers can participate at no cost. And since the stipend is processed through Riipen, organizations don’t need to deal with payments or taxes. 

While thousands of employers have benefited from Level UP since its launch, it has been especially advantageous for organizations outside of metropolitan areas that do not have access to local colleges and non-profits and small businesses with limited bandwidth to manage in-house internship programs.

What resources are available for Level UP participants?

Riipen provides a wide variety of resources to support both students and employers. Students can benefit from tips on applying to internships and advice on what to do when projects change. And employers can access project creation checklists, best practices for managing student interns, and more. 

In addition, the Riipen team is available to provide additional support. Level UP participants can click on the avocado icon in the bottom right corner of to get support with their projects and unique needs.

How do I sign up?

If you are a student at an eligible Canadian post-secondary institution or an employer in Canada, Level UP provides an innovative solution to meet your internship needs.

Join thousands of participants who have benefited from this successful program. Apply today.

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Join thousands of participants who have benefited from this successful program.

Join thousands of participants who have benefited from this successful program.

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