Unveiling the future of work-based learning: Riipen 2.0 webcast recap

The Riipen 2.0 webcast introduced the eagerly awaited platform updates aimed at better supporting and scaling work-based learning effectively.
August 2, 2023
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Welcome to our recap of our webcast, "Your Feedback, Answered: Discover the Enhanced Functionality in Riipen 2.0". The eagerly awaited launch of Riipen 2.0, aimed at supporting and scaling work-based learning more effectively, was introduced, discussed, and showcased by Riipen team members.

Riipen's mission and accomplishments

Riipen was born out of the need to provide students with work-based experiences. To date, it has delivered over 175,000 student experiences, formed partnerships with over 400 academic institutions and training partners, and engaged nearly 28,000 companies on its platform. Riipen 2.0 has been enhanced to bridge the gap between academic endeavors and real work experience to enhance career readiness.

Introducing Riipen 2.0: Addressing challenges and enhancing features

The presentation included an introduction to Riipen 2.0's vision highlighting how customer feedback and user research informed every stage of development. The updated version aims to provide educators with tools to connect with employers at scale, and to bring authentic experiences to learners with greater flexibility. The upgraded platform addresses the challenges identified in scaling individual experiences, while also enhancing specific product attributes to combat underemployment.

Key features of the new platform include: 

  • Project scope negotiation to better align expectations on both sides – Educators can propose modifications to a project submitted for matching, and employers can decide to accept or reject these modifications before confirming the match. 
  • New uniform evaluation tools to provide better learning outcomes and tracking between educators, employers, and learners. 
  • An improved reporting system providing a full suite of report crafting tools for portal administrators, giving them access to all the data generated by their portal directly in the application. 
  • Customizable portal branding to allow schools to use their own branding, color palettes and terminology, thus providing greater flexibility and alignment with their specific needs.

Live demo of Riipen 2.0

The live demo  of the updated platform focused on major changes - including improvements in aesthetics and navigation, new marketplace options, a subdomain customization feature, enhanced Portal Passes, and a new feature allowing users to propose projects. Users can now tailor the platform according to their membership context, switch between different school/company portals, and customize their matchmaking process.

Supporting partners during the transition

Tyler Cyrenne, the Manager of Customer Success, discussed how Ripen will support users during the transition to Riipen 2.0 and beyond. He introduced the new onboarding process, which includes virtual academic onboarding, employer self-guided onboarding, and student onboarding. Users will be connected with a customer success representative for continued support.

Q&A session

The session concluded with a Q&A session where the speakers addressed questions about the transition and the platform's new functionalities. Questions ranged from project creation, project types, integrations, cost, private marketplace options, project management features, to introducing learners to the new platform.

In conclusion, the webcast built significant anticipation for Riipen 2.0, promising a platform that offers enhanced features and support, thus reaffirming Riipen's commitment to improving work-based learning experiences.

Learn more

  • For educators, book demo with our team to see Riipen 2.0 in action.
  • Employers can create their free Riipen account here to work with student talent from 430+ colleges and universities.
  • For all our users, if you have questions about how Riipen 2.0 may impact your experience, you can reach out to our Customer Success team at success@riipen.com.

We are grateful for our partners' support and look forward to embarking on this next chapter of Riipen's journey with you. Thank you for being a part of it with us.

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