Georgetown University Partners with Riipen to Boost Job Training and Employability Outcomes

In a pioneering initiative, Georgetown University's School of Continuing Studies (SCS) has formed a strategic partnership with Riipen, a leading platform for work-based learning through real employer projects.
August 23, 2023
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Washington, D.C. – August 23, 2023 – In a pioneering initiative, Georgetown University's School of Continuing Studies (SCS) has formed a strategic partnership with Riipen, a leading platform for work-based learning through real employer projects. The partnership aims to enhance job training, improve employability outcomes, and foster new job opportunities for the School’s certificate holders, especially in the data science and data analytics fields.

The School’s mission is to deliver a world-class, values-based education to a diverse array of communities and individuals throughout their academic and professional careers, and to improve employability and develop workforces. In particular, through its diverse portfolio of professional development certificate programs, SCS equips professional learners with both the skills and knowledge to move up or change their careers. By partnering with Riipen, SCS certificate holders specializing in data science and data analytics will now have the opportunity to apply those skills and gain valuable work experience to add to their resumes.

“Increasing access to internships for certificate holders is a momentous step forward for our adult and professional learners,” says Dr. Kelly Otter, dean of the School of Continuing Studies. “Many in this population may already be working full-time and typically don’t have the time for a traditional internship. This partnership represents an exceptional opportunity for working adults to re-skill and improve their own career prospects.” 

Riipen's platform connects students with real-world projects from employers, providing an avenue for hands-on learning and immediate application of classroom theory. The partnership will offer participants the chance to work on real-world employer projects, gaining valuable experience and building their professional networks. With the surge in interest and demand especially for data analytics support and skills, many employer projects on the Riipen platform are data analytics- or data science-adjacent.

Riipen CEO, Dana Stephenson, added, "At Riipen, we are committed to helping learners apply their education in practical, employer-valued projects. Partnering with Georgetown University's School of Continuing Studies allows us to provide even more working professionals with these opportunities, bridging the gap between education and employment."

The pilot program will launch with its first cohort on October 16, running until December 8. Participants will take an SCS certificate course at the same time as completing the project-based internship through Riipen. SCS certificate holders from the Data Science and Data Analytics programs are encouraged to apply, with plans to broaden this program to other SCS certificate programs in the coming months. 

The partnership is expected to yield positive outcomes for both participants, and employers, demonstrating the power of combining academic rigor with practical experience. For those interested in applying, the application form is available through the SCS website


About Georgetown University's School of Continuing Studies: 

Georgetown University's School of Continuing Studies offers graduate programs in professional and liberal studies, more than 30 professional certificate programs, custom and corporate training and education, summer school and special programs, as well as the University’s only part-time bachelor’s program. The School’s innovative educational programming creates opportunities for students and professionals to connect with industry leaders through learning and service.

About Riipen:

Riipen is a work-based learning platform that connects students with real employer projects, enabling them to gain practical experience, build their professional portfolio, and connect with potential employers. For more information, visit

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