Riipen Gives: Empowering communities through corporate responsibility.

Riipen Gives exemplifies corporate responsibility by focusing on education and employment opportunities for underserved groups, committing at least $3,000 each quarter to fund initiatives through internal fundraising, learning opportunities, and direct donations.
May 29, 2024
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In today's world, where corporate responsibility is often associated with financial contributions, Riipen Gives stands out with its unique approach. It focuses on creating lasting impacts on communities through education and employment opportunities, particularly for underserved groups. This approach, founded on the belief that education should be accessible to all, extends Riipen's commitment to action, empowering these groups and supporting organizations and causes aligned with its core values.

A commitment to education and skills development.

Riipen Gives aims to enrich educational opportunities, earmarking at least $3,000 each quarter to fund initiatives aligned with its mission. This support evolves through internal fundraising efforts, learning opportunities, and direct donations. Our team members, known as Riipeneers, are not just employees but integral members of Riipen's team. They are encouraged to propose organizations that have personally impacted their communities, promoting their engagement and ensuring diverse representation. The Riipen Culture Council reviews these suggestions to maintain alignment with the company’s values, recognizing the importance of their contributions.

Impactful partnerships and community engagement.

In 2023, Riipen Gives supported organizations like hEr VOLUTION, Lambda Foundation, Nokee Kwe, and VIBE Arts. These partnerships highlight the initiative's commitment to local communities and national impact:

  • hEr VOLUTION: Advances BIPOC girls and gender non-conforming youth in STEM, connecting them with industry leaders for career support.
  • Lambda Scholarship Foundation Canada: Promotes research and support for 2SLGBTQ+ and QTBIPOC communities, offering scholarships to marginalized youth.
  • Nokee Kwe: Provides employment, training, and transitional services to Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth and adults, focusing on career and life transitions.
  • VIBE Arts: Increases access and equity in the arts, fostering wellness, resilience, and belonging in equity-deserving communities.

Financial contributions and measurable impact.

Since its inception, Riipen Gives has raised over $34,000, with $13,247 donated in 2023 alone. These funds are directed towards non-profits championing youth education and emerging talent, ensuring meaningful and measurable impact.

Riipen Gives demonstrates that corporate philanthropy can be significant and transformative. Together, we are paving the way for a better future by fostering growth and empowering communities. Through active community engagement and the power of education, we are shaping a future where all learners have equal opportunities to gain employable skills and unlock their full potential.

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