Product Podium: Portal reporting.

Looking for data-driven insights from Riipen’s work-based learning platform? Our portal reporting feature includes default reporting, no-code customizations, and more. Riipen's CTO, Jordan Ell, shares feature highlights and benefits.
March 28, 2024
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When we poll our users, they have plenty of positive things to say about Riipen. From our vast network of higher education institutions and global employers to our innovative platform that facilitates work-based learning projects and our user-friendly email project management and achievements features, to name a few, they appreciate Riipen’s commitment to bridging the gap between education and employment. 

For our 630+ higher education and training provider partners, one of the most popular features is our portal reports. Our portal reporting feature allows administrators and faculty to view, customize, and build reports in a central place, simplifying tracking and analytics.  

To unpack portal reporting and its benefits, we sat down with Riipen Chief Technology Officer Jordan Ell.

Why are Riipen’s portal reports so popular with educators and administrators?

Today’s higher education institutions are under a lot of pressure. Not only are they expected to teach students the academic skills they need to succeed in the future, but they are also being asked to integrate real-world experiences into the curriculum as well as track and share results.  

Riipen was developed to help institutions achieve these goals. At its core, our platform facilitates project-based learning by giving educators an efficient and effective way to identify and manage experiential learning projects aligned with learning objectives. And our reporting feature empowers them by tracking real-time inputs and outcomes in a central location to yield data-driven insights and share career readiness and success metrics. 

How intuitive is it to create reports?

Getting started with portal reporting is easy. We know how busy educators and administrators are, so we created some default reports that can be used right out of the box. No technical know-how is needed, so you can dive right into the data to track course-specific or enterprise performance.

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Since every school is different, Riipen’s tools allow users to create custom reports easily. Our dynamic question builder allows you to filter, group, and segment data without any technical knowledge. So you can identify and track the exact metrics you need in minutes, including answers to complex questions like “How has skill X improved over the course of PBL for learners who have completed at least 2 projects in the category of computer science?”

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You can also format the data into dashboards or visualizations, including bar, line, pie, area graphs, and more, to incorporate into your presentations. This allows you to highlight the most relevant numbers and take action if needed. So, for example, if you see that 11 educators used the platform in your pilot phase and your goal was 10, you’ll know that your rollout plan was a success. 

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Can Riipen help me build the reporting infrastructure I need?

The answer is yes. Riipen offers comprehensive support in building the reporting infrastructure tailored to your specific needs. With our “reporting as a service” feature, we ensure that any reports you require are seamlessly integrated into your reporting system. Simply inform us of the specific report you need, and we'll handle the rest. This streamlined process ensures that when you log in to access your reports, they are readily available, providing you with the exact insights you require. It's the simplest and most efficient way to obtain precisely the reporting functionality you need.

Can I integrate data from Riipen into external reports?

Yes. We built full export functionality into our platform so you can easily combine data from Riipen with external sources or reporting systems for further analysis.

Wrapping up

If you are intrigued with what you discovered today, be sure to check our portal reporting feature to access insights and data specific to your program by logging into your Riipen account. 

If you have any feedback or suggestions on how we can make this feature even more effective for you, please be sure to reach out to us by:

Curious about other innovative features available on the Riipen platform? Be sure to view the recording of our latest product webinar: Product Webinar - March 2024

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