Case Study

Improved aviation safety promotion and enhanced product development: A European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) & Riipen case study

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) leveraged Riipen to work with Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) students to improve safety promotion and boost product development
December 6, 2023
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About the company:

European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is a prominent authority in aviation safety, dedicated to upholding and enhancing the standards of safety and security within the European aviation industry. The company's journey began with the conceptualization of a European-level aviation safety authority in the mid-'90s and was officially established as the "European Aviation Safety Agency" (EASA) in 2002, marking a significant milestone.

The business challenge:

With the introduction of the new European Drone Rules, EASA’s challenge was predominantly communicating to a completely new and drastically expanded audience about drone usage. The key question for EASA was, how to effectively explain drone rules to people who are not well-versed with the rules and regulations regarding aviation. They needed to fill the communication divide in drone regulation for the public, especially the youth as drones can legally be flown by children as young as 16 or 14 in some EU countries. EASA leveraged the Riipen platform to address the roadblocks they experienced and get fresh perspective and gained access to fresh talent directly on the platform.

The EASA and Riipen’s collaboration resulted in a multi-faceted solution for both the company, as well as the learners enrolled in projects.
  • Made aviation safety more accessible, digestible and entertaining to professionals and the general public.
  • Leveraged young and talented minds to provide creative project solutions by thinking outside the box.
  • Provided a promotional plan for safety and compliance for drones and aero models that fell under the new rules for drone category at EASA.
  • Promoted safety guidelines to youth and non-aviation professionals who are at the forefront of drone usage and operational innovation.
  • Young and budding talent gained first-hand exposure to the aviation industry through real-world projects and fine tuned its competencies such as communication, problem-solving and creative skills.
  • Bridged the gap between theory and practical skills that is vital in the aviation industry.

Experiential learning for students and bridging the gap between the classroom and the industry.

Riipen provided a solution to EASA’s challenges by connecting them with students from the University at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT). Through the Riipen platform, the EASA team created a project that aligned with their goal of making drone safety promotion more understandable and engaging. Students of RMIT worked on these projects that helped them to gain exposure to aviation safety promotion and bridged the gap between subject matter theory and real-world practice.

After using Riipen and collaborating with students, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency experienced several positive outcomes:

  • Improved safety promotion: EASA’s Safety Promotion Officer, Antonio Gonzalez Gomez, was able to put into practice the findings and solutions the students reached to make safety promotion more accessible and engaging through the innovative ideas and fresh perspectives provided by the students.
  • Accelerated product development: With the students' input, the agency was able to expedite the development of safety promotion materials, such as articles and video games and other valuable tools as part of a wide drone regulations awareness campaign.
  • Enhanced student learning: Students gained practical experience and a deeper understanding of the aviation industry, which improved their employability after graduation.
  • Knowledge transfer: Through Riipen, the EASA team could mentor students and share their expertise, fostering a two-way learning process.
  • Multilingual expansion: The EASA team suggested the expansion of Riipen into multilingual capabilities to reach a broader audience, as safety messages often require translation for different regions.


Our biggest challenge lies in communication delivery. We are a regulatory agency often viewed as staunch defenders of rules & compliance. We needed to assess & regulate the rising usage of drones, catering not just to aviation professionals but also to the wider public, particularly the youth. Through Riipen, we had access to students who offered a communication plan with concise, impactful messages across channels and mobile apps for drone users and potential buyers that bridged the gap in drone regulation and public awareness."

- Antonio Gonzalez, Safety Promotion Officer - EASA

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