How to leverage free tools to fund your remote internships

Riipen and Pocketed make the perfect match - our free platforms make it easy for you to find talented interns and finance them in one easy go. Win-win!
February 9, 2022
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So, you’ve successfully found the perfect candidate to fill your internship using Riipen – congratulations 🎉 But slow down a moment, how are you going to fund it? Cash flows may be tight right now, and you might not have extra budget laying around to pay for this intern… you don’t want to miss out on the tremendous amount of value they will bring to the team!

You’re not alone in this common struggle, and lucky for you and every other business owner who has faced the same constraints, it doesn’t have to be a roadblock anymore! 

Pocketed is a free tool that connects you with eligible government funding for your business! With over $5B available annually, you can make some serious impact with these non-dilutive funds.

If you haven’t used Pocketed before, here’s how it works:

The basics

Whether you’re a medium-sized business or start-up, for-profit or non-profit, incorporated or unincorporated entity (are you starting to get our point here?), there is non-dilutive funding available to you! But knowing where to start is not always clear, and the last thing you want to spend your valuable time on is digging through unclear government websites. 

When you sign up for Pocketed, we take care of that search for you! 

First, you’ll create your business profile that will allow our back-end algorithm to match you with eligible funding opportunities. 

Next, you’re ready to dig in search with Pocketed’s search and filtering capabilities! Need to fund that internship? Filter by ‘Grant Type’ > ‘Hiring’ to surface the most relevant programs for your project! 

Finally, you connect with the supportive services you need to increase your chance at success. This means chatting with grant consultants, connecting with legal teams that can help you get grant ready, and (most helpful of all) handing off the application process to professional grant writers! How rad is that?

Where does Riipen come in?

Grants aren’t the only hard thing to find on the world wide web. Sourcing talent for your internship roles can also be a headache just to think about. 

This is why Pocketed and Riipen make the perfect match – we bring YOU the best of both worlds. Using both Pocketed and Riipen’s free platforms, you can fill your roles and finance them in one easy go! Win-win 💰

How do I create an account? 

To create an account, just head over to and click ‘Create Your Account Today’. Here, you’ll set up your business profile to get started! 

If you like using the free version of Pocketed but just wish there was even more value to take advantage of, you can upgrade to Pocketed+ to unlock even more features that can help your business achieve non-dilutive funding success.

Pocketed+ includes advanced filtering capabilities, grant alerts, unlimited consultations, and more! But here’s the best part, as you’re a member of the Riipen community, you have access to special partner perks 😉 

Use code riipenX when creating your account to access a FREE grant consultation and over 25% off upgrades to Pocketed+ - that’s some serious savings! 

So, let’s quickly recap!

Step 1: Sign up and find a talented student for your internship using Riipen!

Step 2: Fund that internship by finding a grant through Pocketed!

Step 3: Celebrate because you have a new intern and money to spare! 🎉

What are you waiting for? Get started with Riipen and Pocketed today!

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