Discover What's New: Riipen's Upcoming Version 2.0 Release

March 17, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Riipen 2.0 is launching this April, and we can't wait for you to experience it. After listening to your feedback and conducting dozens of user interviews, we have updated and improved the platform to better serve your needs.

Riipen 2.0 maintains the features that you love from the current platform within a new and more intuitive interface. We have reevaluated and enhanced every area of the platform and added new features based on your feedback to make your experience even better.

What’s new in Riipen 2.0?

Improved navigation and usability

View of an educator's Experiences page, showing new layout

Riipen 2.0 is designed to prioritize the needs of its users. The new left-hand sidebar provides quick access to your personal content, the marketplaces, and your portal or company. To help you find content faster, a global search feature is available in the top navigation.

To simplify the user interface, courses and internship programs are now merged into a single content type called experiences which has the features of both. This change benefits both educators and employers by providing a more streamlined interface that is easier to use.

We have focused on improving the learner interface, to make the platform more accessible and enjoyable to use. Learners will now see a simplified version of the platform that only shows the content they have access to. This approach reduces confusion and helps learners stay on track.


View of portal settings, showing logo and color customization options

We understand that every customer is unique, which is why we've made it possible to customize your portal to align with your brand's look and feel. With Riipen 2.0, each portal has its own unique subdomain - eg. -  allowing portal administrators to customize the primary logo, color usage, and terminology to seamlessly integrate with their own technology ecosystem.

In Riipen 2.0, we've prioritized offering customization features throughout the platform. For instance, with the addition of custom roles for portal, company, project, and experience members, users can invite others with limited access to only the features they need.

We know that our customers value the ability to tailor their feedback surveys to include the questions that are most relevant for them, which is why we are excited to offer customized feedback surveys for employers upon completion of a project. This feature is just the beginning, with plans to extend customization to learner self-reflection surveys in the near future.

Project management

View of user settings tab, showing Google Meet and Zoom integration options

In the last two years, we've made significant improvements to project management features in Riipen 1.0, including the ability for educators to add document templates to milestones and for learners to add their own milestones to teams.

In Riipen 2.0, we have taken these features a step further by adding some of the most frequently requested features from our learners and employers. For instance, we've integrated Zoom and Google Meet into the meeting invitations sent from messages, and now teams can set their own project dates when enabled by educators.

We're always looking for ways to enhance learner-employer collaboration, and we have exciting plans for further extensions to these features post-launch.


View of new match request page, showing project content changes have been proposed

Matchmaking is the foundation of our platform, and we pride ourselves on our open marketplace that facilitates thousands of educator-employer matches each year. We heard in feedback interviews that our customers value the features that have made our marketplace successful, including the ability for both parties to send requests, custom questions, search and filter functionality and the intuitive layout of the marketplace.

In Riipen 2.0, we have added features that were specifically requested by our customers to enhance the matchmaking process. Educators can now propose projects directly to companies for them to accept or decline, and in the match-making process, educators and employers can negotiate the project's content to ensure that it is tailored for each match. Additionally, requests now require acceptance from both parties to ensure users can send requests with the security that they have the opportunity to confirm or withdraw their request later.

At Riipen, we believe that the matchmaking process should be a collaborative effort between educators and employers, and our two-sided acceptance feature reflects this.

A new feature for both parties is the ability to extend the expiry date on a request if you need more time to evaluate it.

Private marketplace and portal pass functionality

Educator view of their portal, showing private marketplace of portal pass projects

Riipen 2.0 offers a seamless experience for employers signing up through invitations from a portal. When invited by an educator, employers can sign up to instead of, providing a platform experience that is tailored by the institution that invited them. This streamlined interface offers a private marketplace that exclusively features the portal's experiences, making it easier for employers to navigate the platform and find relevant opportunities from the institution that invited them.

On the educator side, Riipen 2.0 offers improvements to the way portal passes are granted. Educators can now have employers answer screening questions during their portal intake process, ensuring they are the right fit for the portal. Additionally, educators can grant portal passes in bulk, saving them time.

For educators, a private marketplace featuring projects exclusively from their portal pass holders is now available in parallel to the open marketplace. This feature ensures that projects stand out and receive the attention they deserve, making it easier to find and match the right projects for their students.


We are excited to announce that reporting has been given a major upgrade in Riipen 2.0! We understand that our users require detailed and insightful reports to inform their decision-making, which is why we have powered our new reporting functionality with Metabase. This tool enables us to provide more comprehensive and detailed standard reports in each portal, and allows portal administrators to create custom reports that are unique to their needs. These custom reports can be saved in your portal and updated in real-time, providing the latest data insights.

We recognize that some users have unique reporting needs, which is why we have introduced bulk data import capabilities to Riipen 2.0. Learner data can be imported via CSV, allowing you to provision accounts for learners in bulk while hiding sensitive data fields such as student ID or graduation date. These hidden fields can be used in custom reports, ensuring that the reporting process is tailored to your specific requirements.

What to expect

During the launch of Riipen 2.0 on April 20, 2023, there will be minimal, scheduled downtime, and once it's completed, you will be able to access the platform at the same URL you always have. All of your existing data will be updated to the new format, ensuring that your access remains unchanged and all of your content and projects in progress are unaffected.

Post-launch, our top priority will be actively gathering feedback to make continuous ongoing improvements to Riipen 2.0. As you navigate the new site, automated tours and pointers will help all users find new features and identify how existing ones have changed.

Learn more

To learn more about Riipen 2.0, educators are invited to join us at one of our pre-launch webinars for a demo and Q&A period. If you are unable to attend, a recording will be sent to you automatically if you register. Registration link

For employers, resources will be sent out to learn more in advance, including a recorded webinar. Register here to have these sent to you.

For all our users, if you have questions about how Riipen 2.0 may impact your experience, you can reach out to our Customer Success team at

We are grateful for our partners' support and look forward to embarking on this next chapter of Riipen's journey with you. Thank you for being a part of it with us.