COVID-19 response - Helping post-secondary institutions and businesses maintain meaningful engagement

With the uncertain economic conditions, many student placements have been cancelled. In response to these exceptional circumstances, Riipen is offering the opportunity for students to engage in paid project-based virtual internships provided by our employer partner network.
March 24, 2020
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COVID-19 has created many unprecedented challenges for our community of academic partners, employers and students, One of these challenges has been a shortage in student placements and co-op opportunities due to cancellations from employers. With the uncertain economic conditions and closure of physical office spaces, many employers are hesitant to commit to student placements at a time when their business is rapidly changing to adapt to the crisis. Many placements have been cancelled, creating severe disruption for students who require these placements in order to fulfill their academic requirements and graduate.In response to these exceptional circumstances, Riipen remains committed to helping employers engage with students in safe and valuable work-integrated learning opportunities. As an alternative to traditional internship or co-op placements, Riipen is offering the opportunity for students to engage in paid project-based virtual internships provided by our employer  partner network. While we understand that this is not a full replacement for in-person experiences, Riipen’s platform and services provide a barrier free way for employers  to engage in meaningful work-integrated learning with  students at this unprecedented time.

Riipen was built for the future of learning and work.

Riipen’s platform was created to enhance collaborations between employers and students regardless of where they are physically located. Over the past 5+ years, the vast majority of engagements between industry and students on Riipen have been entirely online and delivered remotely through our platform. This has uniquely prepared our team to help our community of academic and industry partners to successfully transition to online collaborations during these challenging times. Over the next several weeks, as academic institutions and governments are rapidly adjusting to support the needs of faculty, staff, students and employer partners, we wanted to offer our support to help your academic institution:

  • Solicit paid or credit-bearing, virtual internships
  • Transition existing internships and co-op placements with employer partners to virtual engagements.
  • Increase access to curriculum-embedded work-integrated learning experiences in online courses available this summer.
  • Brainstorm new ideas for project collaborations that could help your students gain access to valuable work-integrated learning experiences.
  • Learn about Riipen’s collaboration tools including Riipen chat, video/audio conferencing, milestones, student reflection, employer feedback and team management.

The leadership team at Riipen is working diligently to help all our stakeholders successfully navigate through this change in the global environment. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or comments about how we can support your organization during these difficult times. To receive more information about virtual internships on Riipen sign up here


Dana Stephenson

Co-Founder & CEO

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