Riipen Awarded $735,000 in Career Ready Funding

May 5, 2018

Ontario Government has awarded Riipen $735,000 in funding for Experiential Learning opportunities.

Riipen, North America’s leading collaboration platform for Experiential Learning, is excited and honoured to announce that the Ontario Government has awarded it $735,000 in funding as part of the province’s efforts to deliver Experiential Learning opportunities to every student in Ontario. The Ontario Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development (MAESD) awarded Riipen its funding to support the development of an ecosystem of industry partners excited by the opportunity to engage with post-secondary students across Ontario in a new paradigm that offers greater benefits to learning, skills development and employability. With this funding, Riipen is able to subsidize a substantial portion of the cost of its platform to companies and organizations of all sizes interested in participating in real-world project initiatives at educational institutions across Ontario.

Recognizing that the continued prosperity and competitiveness of the Ontario workforce is a shared responsibility between multiple partners, the Career Ready Fund will support new and existing high-impact projects that encourage greater collaboration, innovation, and inclusion within Ontario’s labour market.

The Fund will support eligible projects through to March 2019, increasing experiential learning opportunities (e.g. Riipen’s innovative “micro-experiences” that can be embedded in classrooms and other parts of academic life) which help better align post-secondary education with current labour market needs providing graduates with the skills they need to be successful when entering the workforce, and first-hand experience with a broad network of potential employers. Riipen’s platform allows employers and students to collaborate, in partnership with the student’s academic institution, to create, manage, execute and report on these new innovative experiential learning opportunities.

“Ontario’s students are highly-educated and incredibly talented, but without some work related experience on their resume, it can be challenging for them to land that first job after school. With support from the Career Ready Fund, students and new graduates will gain the meaningful, real-world experience they need for a successful career start, and employers will have access to talent that can make an immediate impact on their success.”
– Mitzie Hunter, Minister of Advanced Education and Skills Development

To learn more about the Career Ready Fund and how you can get involved in a student project experience, please connect with our team or visit our Career Ready Fund page.