Post projects which meet your business needs to find and match with educator led experiences and learners who will be able to complete them.
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Get started
Create your perfect project in just minutes either from a template, using AI generation, or completely from scratch
Easily match with educator led experiences to have your projects completed by learners
Track all activity from matchmaking to learner submitted deliverables in one spot

Step-by-Step Creation

Craft your project details exactly as you want with our easy to use step-by-step creation process.

Go from sign up to finding experiences and learners in under 20 minutes
Capture all your project details easily
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Use Riipen's robust project template library to find amazing examples of every type of project which is a great fit for your business needs and learning objectives.

Have a complete project scope in a single click
Start with a template then make any adjustments you want to meet your needs
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AI Generation

Use Riipen's AI driven project generation tool to go from single sentence to full project description in a matter of seconds. Simply input what you want as a deliverable and let our AI take care of flushing out the perfect details to make the project accessible to learners.

Draft a fully customized project in seconds
Ensure easy fit with educators and learners
Change any of the generated details to meet your needs
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Match Requests

Use your project to send or receive match requests to perspective experiences to have its learners complete work on it.

Meet educators with experiences and negotiate project details all from one spot
Easily set expectations and communicate effectively with messaging and meetings tools
Ensure the perfect experience with custom criteria to be met by educators
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Handle any legal or consent driven requirements you have for institutions or learners by sending agreements and receiving signatures right through Riipen.

Never have to manually send out PDFs or signature links again
Block stakeholders from progressing without signatures
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Project Management

Manage every aspect of how your learners engage on your projects through extensive project management features available to employers.

Create milestones, communicate, evaluate submissions, provide feedback, and more.
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Easily re-run projects as many times as you'd like, as often as you'd like, in series or in parallel.

Craft repeatable projects to continue to receive work product with no additional effort
Match with as many experiences as you'd like to run the same project multiple times
Run the same project with multiple teams at the same time
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