Project Management

Project Management

Manage every aspect of how you engage with learners and how they work on your projects through extensive project management features available to employers
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Assign deliverables and milestones
Easily review submitted work product and provide feedback
Create and manage legal agreements to be signed by learners or educators to protect your company


Have teams of 1 or many learners automatically assigned to your project by your matched experience educators who will then reach out to you to start the project.

No onboarding of learners needed
Manage 1 or many teams for your projects at a time from a centralised spot
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Milestones & Deliverables

Define configurable milestones and deliverables for each team you work with to ensure projects stay on track and the deliverables are on time and meet your needs.

Define the project milestones on your terms
Receive automated updates on submitted deliverables
Easily and quickly provide feedback on any submitted work product
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Team Status Tracking

Keep up to date on the status of all teams across all of your projects easily and track their completion of important milestones, deliverables.

Take the hassle out of manual status updates and continual meetings
Ensure all deliverables are stored in a central spot for easy reference
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Automatically be launched into a conversation with teams as they are assigned to and complete your projects.

Communicate securely and without sharing personal contact information
Work directly from your email inbox
Easily manage meetings, file sharing, and more
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Manage applications from teams of learners to your projects in larger experiences and align your expectations with more traditional internship or work placement experiences.

Easily manage and review an inflow of learner applications to work on your project
Communicate directly with applicants and schedule interviews easily
Control your application deadlines
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Handle any legal or consent driven requirements you have for institutions or learners by sending agreements and receiving signatures right through Riipen.

Easily use any pre-existing PDF agreements or create new ones from scratch
Easily manage signatures and prevent further action without them
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