3 tips to make the most of your time in a virtual environment

The pandemic has caused students across the globe to continue their work and studies from home. However, despite this it is important to always look for opportunities no matter the situation. We have compiled 3 good tips on how you can make the most of your time in a virtual environment, so that the loss of in-person engagement does not mean lost opportunities.
November 4, 2020
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The pandemic has caused students across the globe to continue their work and studies from home. This shift can cause a general decrease in motivation for many students, along with struggles to go above and beyond what is expected of them. However, it is important to always look for opportunities no matter the situation. We have compiled a few good tips on how you can make the most of your time in a virtual environment, so that the loss of in-person engagement does not mean lost opportunities.

Acquiring new skills

Take advantage of online courses and workshops, many of which are free, now that you are home. 

As we have consistently mentioned in previous blogs, the acquisition of new skills has become extremely important in marketing yourselves to employers, especially during the pandemic. Working from home can actually open up opportunities to develop new skills and strengthen pre-existing ones.

Soft skills such as leadership or collaboration can each be strongly developed due to the online setting. Being able to work or lead a team effectively while being online can prove to be more challenging than if you were to meet in-person. By exercising these skills in a less than ideal setting, you are learning how to adapt to unforeseen situations.

You can also practice hard skills on your own volition, such as through an online course or through your own personal practice. If you are interested in learning a programming language for example, which is a very demandable skill to have in a virtual age, you can look for an online course. A list of hard skills you can aim to practice and learn which are desirable according to Capital One can be found here.  

Of course, upskilling and reskilling is also important. Adapting your skills to fit the age can be extremely beneficial to work effectively. While the current situation of jobs changes, so should your skills to keep up and excel. 

Create a routine

Creating a routine can be the foundation in using your time effectively to get the most done that you can in your virtual environment. Your routine doesn’t have to last your entire day, but aim to have a few set tasks and challenges to get done throughout your day at certain times.

At the start of each week, try to plan out your week as best as you can and update it as new plans and tasks arise. If you set aside a time for a certain task, try to stick with it by setting alarms. Keeping a physical log of all the tasks you have to complete and have completed can be extremely helpful in not only reminding you of what you need to do, but also a way to ensure you stick with your initial set plan. 

To help get used to your new routine, you should start by breaking your tasks down into smaller tasks. It can help keep you motivated as you get a sense of accomplishment to check off the tasks as you go. These bite size tasks can keep you going during a difficult adjustment.

When creating your routine, try to have the right priorities in mind. On top of your necessary studying time, aim to set aside time to build up skills, practice physical health, get a good night sleep, and fit in free time to focus on yourself and de-stress. Setting goals along the way can show you improvement, and motivate you to continue improving, aiming higher and higher for each goal you set. 

Setting routines can be a good way to regulate and keep a grasp on your life. We’re in the middle of a pandemic so it’s okay if your routine isn’t extensive. Being kind to yourself is still important and these are unprecedented times. Your tasks could simply be to do small chores like laundry or to just read a bit during your day. They are still accomplishments.

Stay involved and motivated

COVID-19 has changed up the way people communicate and collaborate. Faced with these new challenges, students can find it tough to stay connected to their University campus or their community in general. Finding opportunities to get involved can be great for your free time, and in turn, it will give you extra curricular experience. 

This involvement can help you to keep social. Staying social will help you to feel motivated, and it gives you a chance to speak with others during quarantine despite us staying in our homes. The experiences you build through the extra-curricular work you do can also be great experiences for future jobs, as you work to grow transferable skills. 

Continuous opportunities

The pandemic has opened up different opportunities that would never have been available prior. Every chance you get to learn is an opportunity and taking advantage of resources provided by your school or community is the best thing you can do for yourself. 

An easy way to find opportunities is through Riipen. Riipen is a worldwide marketplace that connects companies with educators and students to complete project-based learning experiences. If you sign up on Riipen, you will be able to work on projects, gain work integrated experience and build up skills to make the most of your time in quarantine. If you are interested in learning more and how Riipen can help you, visit our website or contact our team at sales@riipen.com to get started. 

About the author:

Austin Gumbs is a Marketing Intern at Riipen and is currently a third-year University of Toronto student studying Business. He enjoys getting involved with his University community through his work on different clubs. When he isn’t working on extracurriculars, you can find him at his desk watching various Netflix shows and YouTube videos, playing games, or working on a new hobby of his: glass painting.

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