The Riipen Report - August 2023 edition

Latest news & insights from where homework meets real work.
August 24, 2023

Welcome Back!

Back-to-school season brings on powerful feelings of optimism and energy to campuses everywhere. Therefore, it's a great time to welcome our latest higher education institutions joining the Riipen work-based learning movement this fall.

Welcome Georgetown University! Partnering to boost job training & employability outcomes.

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Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies (SCS) & Riipen have partnered to enhance job training, improve employability outcomes, and foster new data science and  data analytics job opportunities for the School’s certificate holders.

The pilot program, launching its first cohort on October 16, is expected to yield positive outcomes for learners and employers, demonstrating the power of combining academic rigor with practical experience.

Read the press release

Welcome to these new partners working with us to create equitable access to skill-building opportunities with real employer projects.

North Seattle College Bachelor of Applied Science students in Computer Science and Technology will undertake work-based projects for practical experience.

Montclair State University's Professor Rashmi Jain is taking his MBA program course to the next level by having his students complete real business analytics employer projects.

University of Aberdeen's Dr. Heather May Morgan is advancing practical learning by integrating industry-relevant, hands-on projects, ensuring her students gain both knowledge and vital skills for their future careers.

Sheridan College's Pilon School of Business renews its partnership after a successful year where 260 students in 7 courses logged 21.5K+ experiential learning hours, enhancing career readiness.

Announcing the Council of Independent Colleges & Riipen work-based learning initiative.

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Partnering together to provide equitable skill-building opportunities at CIC-member institutions.

The Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) and Riipen have joined forces in a multi-year project to benefit 25 member institutions. This collaboration aims to integrate work-based learning opportunities into up to 375 courses led by 125 faculty members and impacting up to 11,250 students.

See the list of institutions here

Experiential learning in the news.

The Class of 2023 Report: Career preparation, plans & expectations
"4 out of 5 graduating seniors in 2023 engaged in experiential learning"                          
National Association of Colleges and Employers

How are graduating seniors preparing for and thinking about their careers? Data provided by more than 2,300 bachelor’s level graduating seniors taking part in NACE’s annual student survey provide some high-level insights.

Read the Class of 2023 Report

You spoke. We listened.

At Riipen, we believe in constantly improving our products based on user insights and feedback.  We are excited to introduce our latest platform feature informed by our valued users.

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*Riipen’s AI feature is currently only available to employers.
AI project creation

Employers now have the option to harness the power of AI technology to create a project on the Riipen platform, benefiting employers and educators alike.

This new feature is not just another add-on, but a robust tool leveraging cutting-edge AI technology to enhance our users' experiences by increasing the number of projects posted and improving the quality of projects to be matched to experiences.

Read more on this new feature here: AI project creation

Read more on our platform enhancements

Upcoming webinar - Thursday, September 28

Join us for an exciting webinar! AI, achievements & impact surveying: How Riipen’s new feature enhancements deliver results.

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You are invited to join Team Riipen to learn about the many new impact-driven features that have recently been added to the Riipen platform – all in response to insights from users and contributors like you!

Join us on September 28 as we explore these game-changing new features now on the Riipen platform:

  • Gamification
  • Custom surveys
  • AI project creation and review

Other new features coming live soon include:

  • Time tracking
  • Calendar integration
  • Saved searches

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