for students

Keep these tips in mind while you complete a remote internship and you are sure to be successful!


Apply what you know. Remember that a remote internship's main objective is to help you learn. Take what you have learned from your classes and try to apply it to this real world situation. There will be gaps between what you know from the classroom and what the project requires, but that is just a real world example of what you will have to deal with after you graduate.

Ask questions. The whole point of having a company and employers facilitate these projects is to help you grow and learn. Take this opportunity to ask questions when you need to and help the company help you grow.

Treat it like a full time job. Be polite and professional, and submit work you are proud of. Many companies use Riipen as part of their campus recruiting process, looking to identify highly skilled students that they would like to hire full time. Think of this as an opportunity to learn how the company works and what sorts of challenges they are facing, you may find a career path you had never thought of before.

Learn to work remotely. Many people dream of a work from home lifestyle but very few are given the opportunity to do so. Look at this project as a chance to learn What it's like to work from home. Here are some tips on remote work productivity:

  • Try to get into a daily rhythm as if you are working at an office.
  • Be responsible with your time management.
  • Prioritize your communication with team members and other employees.