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Learn about what a remote internship is, and what to expect when you participate in one of them.

What is a remote internship?

Remote internships are short work placements oriented around the scope of a single project. While working remotely, students are paid for their work / time on these projects as opposed to other types of Riipen projects. Remote internships will be a good chance for you to take what you have learned in the classroom and apply it in the real world while being paid to do so.

How does it work?

Remote internships are facilitated by your career services coordinators with you taking steps similar to applying for a regular co-op or internship placement.


Your career services coordinator may direct you to apply to certain listing on Riipen, or they may allow you to apply to any that you wish. Check with them for any needed guidance on this.

Your application process will follow similar steps to a standard job application. You will need to provide details about yourself, your education, and be prepared to have an interview with the company at a later date.


You will likely face at least one, if not several remote interviews by the employer before you are hired for the remote internship. Your school likely has guides and policies on how to be successful during this process, but here are some additional tips:

  • Research the company you are talking to.
  • Prepare for common interview questions
  • Have questions prepared ahead of time to ask about the project.
  • Practice!

After you have completed your interviews, the employer will update your application within Riipen to let you know if they will be hiring you or if they will be passing for another candidate. Riipen will alert you when a decision has been made.


Upon selecting you for their remote internship, the company will organize any legal documents they require for you to sign and send them to you before your work is to start. This will happen outside of Riipen.

Once all the paper work is in order, all you need to do is start your project and get to work with your employer! They may have a specific start date in mind, so be sure to be aware of any date restrictions they put in place.

After starting your work, make sure to check out our guide on how to interact with employers during your remote internship here.

Wrap up

Once you have completed your deliverable for a remote internship and it has been accepted by your employer be sure to check back on Riipen and provide the company with feedback on what it was like to work with them on the project; the company will also be providing you with feedback on your work and what it was like to have you as an employee.