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Get your project off on the right foot by following these guidelines on your first interaction with the company.


Starting your project off on the right foot is critical to the success of the project, so let's make sure you know how to do it properly!

Every project should start with a Kickoff meeting between your team and the company. This kickoff meeting is likely to occur remotely via video conferencing or other tools.

Use this as an opportunity to make introductions, get acquainted with each other, and set the tone of your working relationship. Next, you will want to go over your project's details and confirm that everyone is on the same page about not only what the goals of the project are, but what steps are going to be taken to achieve those goals. Things you may want to chat about include:

  • Are you going to meet often and discuss the progress of the project?
  • What milestones does the team need to be aware of?
  • What should the final deliverable look like?
  • How is the team going to communicate with the company during the project (Riipen chat, email, etc.)?

Before or after your kickoff meeting with the company, be sure to log in to Riipen and "Start" your team's progress so that you can view project details, milestones, and deliverables as well as have the company track your progress.