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Learn about what a project is, and what to expect when you participate in one of them.

What is an project?

Projects are embedded into your course curriculum. Prior to your class starting, your instructor has teamed up with one or more companies to carefully craft projects for you to complete throughout the semester. These projects will take what you are learning inside of the classroom and apply it to real-world projects which are run by real companies.

How does it work?

How a project operates is entirely up to your instructor, but here are the typical steps that you will take while completing a project.


You will either pick a project from a pre-approved list, or you will be assigned to work on a specific project by your instructor. You will then form your project's team, either self assigned or assigned for you.


On your project's start date, you will likely have a kickoff meeting with your project's company which is often facilitated by your instructor. This is often done remotely via video conferencing tools, but can sometimes occur in person given where the company is located relative to your school.

You can read more about what to expect from a project kickoff meeting here.

You should also take this time to formally start the project on Riipen, where you will be given the opportunity to introduce yourself and your team to the company. This will in turn set up a Riipen chat between your team and the company which you can use to communicate for the duration of the project.

Project work

After your kickoff, you should now be comfortable getting to work on your project. This work will happen offline and outside of Riipen. You company will likely outline what they need you to produce (a written report, something they need built, a presentation, etc.), and then you should feel comfortable working towards that objective with any tools or processes you wish.

Projects often have milestones which must be met by your team between the start and end of the project. Be sure to check your team page on Riipen to be aware of when these milestones are and to submit them on time. The company will review your work at each milestone as necessary and provide comments / feedback.

Wrap up

Once you have completed your deliverable for a project, make sure to upload it to Riipen so the company can review your work.

After you upload your submission, the company will provide you with feedback, and you will also get a chance to provide the company with feedback and what it was like to work with them on these projects.

You can read more about what makes great feedback here.

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