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Providing feedback to companies 

At the end of a course or internship program, students will submit their final deliverables to the employer. Employers are then required to provide feedback to students and assess the students' work. At this time, the team will also be asked to provide feedback to the company. 

Required feedback includes:

  1. A public feedback comment.
  2. An overall rating out of 5 stars.

Optional feedback includes:

  1. A private feedback comment for the company. 
  2. A rating out of 5 stars on the company's communication, responsiveness, preparedness, and professionalism.

In your written feedback, make sure to highlight both the positive and the negative (if any) experiences you had when working with the company. Were they quick to respond and professional in their communication? Were there ways in which they could have provided a better experience for your team? Did they have a clear and well defined project for you? How did they support your team? Remember, any feedback you give will be publicly available on Riipen with your name attached as the author. With that in mind, remember to be courteous even if you need to provide negative feedback. 

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