for students

Keep these tips in mind while you complete a Challenge and you are sure to be successful!


Pick a Challenge in your domain. It can be fun to attempt a Challenge outside of your area of study, but you will get the most satisfaction from completing a Challenge in a subject area you are more familiar with.

Team up with a friend. Challenges can be a fun experience when working with a partner you get along well with. Use this as an opportunity to grow your teamwork and communication skills as part of completing the Challenge.

Designate time to complete the Challenge. Challenges typically take no more than 8 hours to complete and are often much less. Set aside a chunk of time in your day which you can use to complete the Challenge in 1 or 2 sittings.

Submit something you are proud of. Challenges aren't about completing them as quickly as possible, or completing as many of them as possible. Make sure anything you submit to a Challenge is something you are proud of and clearly demonstrates your skills. Remember, employers will be providing you feedback based on the quality of your submission.

After completion

You own anything you end up creating for a Challenge, so be sure to show off your work through as many of your outlet's as possible to show employers what you can do! This includes:

  • On your Riipen profile (this will happen automatically)
  • On any other social media such as LinkedIn
  • On your resume
  • On your personal website or portfolio

You are capable of amazing work, so make sure you show it off!