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Learn about what a Challenge is, and what to expect when you participate in one of them.

What is a Challenge?

Challenges are short, typically 8 hours or less, projects which are open to all students on Riipen. Challenges are meant to be completed in a students free time, outside the classroom, and are often accompanied by awards and prizes for the best submissions.

How does it work?

Challenges operate differently from other types of projects on Riipen in that they are self-contained and meant to test a student's skills in a particular area. All instructions and resources necessary to complete the Challenge will be posted on the Challenge's page.

Some things to keep in mind when looking to start a Challenge:

  • Any student from any background or program is free to start any Challenge they want.
  • You may complete a Challenge as a team or as an individual.
  • A student completing a challenge should expect minimal interaction between themselves and the employer / company running the Challenge during their completion of the Challenge.
  • The employer running the Challenge will evaluate your submission once you are finished and provide you with constructive feedback.
  • Your participation in, and feedback from a Challenge will be publicly viewable on your Riipen profile.

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