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Communicating with students

In most cases only one or two students will take the lead in communication - this does not mean the other students are not engaged. It is simply to streamline communication and create a primary contact for you. When communicating with students, remember they may be unfamiliar with your specific industry or your business. Give them context for your requests and any problems you ask them to solve, and it will improve their understanding. 

If you are working with multiple teams, you can message all teams simultaneously to reduce your time commitment. You can add a FAQ or resources to your project page to automatically alert participating teams of new information.

Managing student teams on the platform.

View the student teams that have started your project by going to the matches tab of your project page. To view further information about the team's progress or launch a chat with them, click on their team name. When students submit deliverables, you will receive a notification and an email to alert you.

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