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Steps to take before hosting one or more remote interns to ensure a great experience for all involved.

What do I do Before the Remote Internship Starts?

Congratulations, you've matched with a remote intern! Whether you have an individual student or a team, there are a few steps you can take in advance to make the experience successful for both parties.

Select Communication Channels

Establish your communication channels. Will you use Riipen messages, or invite the student into your existing company communication channels? Let the students know where to contact you, and what modes of communication you prefer.

Schedule Check-Ins

Establish a rhythm for check-ins. The student needs to be able to reach you with questions, but in addition it's good to create a structure by pre-scheduling check-ins at least once per week.

Software, Technology and Tools

Review the tools the student will need to access, and make sure to set them up from Day 1 with the appropriate logins, software and access.

Plan an Onboarding Session

While the student isn't coming on as a traditional employee, they'll benefit from a planned onboarding, including an introduction to company culture. Even a 1-2 hour onboarding session will help them immensely to understand the company and feel more comfortable asking for help when they need to.

Designate primary contacts

Make sure the student knows their primary contacts. It's best for the student to have a main and a backup contact.

Document Project Scope

Finally, update your project page on Riipen with any additional detail you have scoped out when speaking with the coordinator or student. Attach files if needed, and flesh out the details of the project scope.

Taking the time to review these points will help to ensure a great experience for both parties.