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How to find and match with academic institutions once your project is live

Matching your project to a course

Once your project is published, you can apply to courses and receive requests from educators as well.

When searching courses, you can browse by subject category, or location. Remember most educators are open to working with companies located anywhere. You can also look for details like the number of hours, and student level to give you a sense of what courses work best.

When you submit a project to a course, be aware that this is isn't a firm commitment to work with that course. What this does is submit an "application" that the educator can accept or decline within 14 days. It also creates a message thread where you can interact with the educators, ask question, and confirm if it's the right match.

Pro tip: make sure to read the commitments section on any course you apply to.

Extra Resources

Check out examples, or get started directly from the links below.