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Tips for providing a great internship experience to your matched student, and getting results for your business.

Hosting a Remote Intern

Check out our guide on Preparing for a Remote Internship for tips on what to do before your remote internship experience starts.

Regular Communication

This is the most essential aspect at almost every stage. Make sure your remote intern knows who to go to with questions, and that you check in regularly on their progress if they're not doing so proactively. Get a check-in in the calendar on a weekly basis to make sure you touch base at least that often.

Review Work in Progress

Don't wait to the end of the internship experience to review and provide feedback on the student's work. Encourage them to share their progress with you as they go; this provides you the opportunity to adjust any misconceptions and provide them with more direction.

Give the "Why"

It's true of most employees, and not just interns, that they'll do their best work if they understand how they contribute to the bigger picture for your company, and what the 'why' is behind their projects. Take the time to provide context on why they're doing the work they are.

Give Constructive Criticism Personally

For many interns, this will be one of their first working experiences. If there are instances when you need to correct a student's work or ask them to modify the way they're working, try to do this on a phone or video call. Criticism is less likely to be misinterpreted when delivered more personally.


With all-virtual communication, it's easy to have misunderstandings or lose details in translation. After meetings with the student, provide a list of action items as follow up, or ask the student to do this. This will be good experience for them, and will help ensure details relayed on a call are captured.