Creating a Challenge

for employers

Best practices for designing a challenge for students

Create a Challenge

Challenges are projects created by employers for students to complete (in teams or individually) outside of class. Students should be able to complete these projects in 2-8 hours.


A great challenge should give real context about your business. What problem are you trying to solve? What industry are you in? What details about your business will help students connect to what you're trying to? The more they understand your business, the better their work is likely to be.


Keep the scope clear and specific. For example: "Create 3 sample social media posts" is preferable to "Develop a social media strategy for us." One is more realistic in the timeline, but is also more tangible and helps students better understand expectations.


When a student is completing a project outside of their coursework, their should be a clear incentive attached. This could be prize money, a written recommendation or (best of all) a job opportunity. Let students know when incentives will be distributed, and be specific.

Extra Resources

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