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Creating a project

What is a project on Riipen?

A project is a problem or an area of opportunity for your business that students can help you with. Employers looking to collaborate with students can connect with educators by creating a project describing their business needs. Projects are posted to the marketplace on Riipen, where they can be requested by educators. They can also be submitted directly to courses or internship programs that catch your interest.

How to create a project?

To get started, click create project on your personal or company dashboard. This will launch you into the project wizard, where you can follow the guided steps to provide details about your project idea and add additional resources such as files, images, videos, and company background information.

A great project should give real context about your business. What problem are you trying to solve? What industry are you in? The more they understand your business, they will have a better understanding of what solutions they can provide you with. 

Unsure whether to create your project for courses or internship programs? Check out the key differences between courses and internship programs.

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