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What's expected of your communication with students during an in-class project

How do I communicate with students?

When the project is started by students, they will send you an introductory message and you'll receive an email notification to let you know. This starts a message thread on Riipen so you can continue a group discussion with the students over the course of the project.

How often you communicate will depend on what expectations the instructor has set with the students, but also depends on how active you would like to be. Make sure to discuss with the educator how often they expect you to be communicating with students.

In a typical project, students are communicating every 1-2 weeks over Riipen messaging, and additional meetings may be held over video conferencing or (occasionally) in person. You should expect in most cases that one or two students will take the lead in communication - this doesn't mean the other students are not engaged, but that the team is trying to streamline communication and create a primary contact for you.

When communicating with students, remember they'll be unfamiliar (usually) with your industry and especially with your business. Give them context for your requests and any problems you ask them to solve, and it will improve their understanding.

If you're working with multiple teams, you can message all teams simultaneously to reduce your time commitment. As well, you can add FAQ or Resources to your project page over the course of the project to automatically alert participating teams of new information.

If in doubt, over-communicate. If your students are communicating more or less than you'd expect, let their instructor know so they can help.