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What to expect while your challenge is underway

Running a Challenge

Once your challenge is published, students will generally start it at different times, unless you are centering this around a particular event (such as a career fair or hackathon). You may even see students signing up just before your submission deadline.

Students may complete the project individually or in teams, unless you specify a particular team size, and these teams may be across institutions or disciplines.

During the challenge, interaction with students is typically fairly minimal. The nature of a challenge is that in can be completed by a large volume of students, and that your challenge description will provide what students need to complete it. You may wish to update the challenge with FAQ or files over time, which you can do under the Resources tab.

Students may reach out over chat - we encourage you to interact with students to your ability, but you can also block further conversation, or indicate in the challenge description if you'd prefer not to receive messages during the challenge.

At the end, every student who completed the challenge should receive a feedback rating from you. See the link below for our feedback guide.

Extra Resources

Check out examples, or get started directly from the links below.