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How to provide effective feedback to employers who host students for remote internships.

Providing Effective Feedback

At the end of the students' remote internships, you'll be asked to provide feedback on the employers students worked with. Your feedback is public and will be posted on the employer's Riipen profile to help inform other educators on the platform.

Your feedback should center around your own interactions with the employer, and any information relayed from the student(s). Remember students can also submit feedback, so focus primarily on your experience.

The primary basis for feedback should be the experience the employer provided to students, as much as it was in their control.

Was the student unhappy with the placement because the business was not in an industry that interested them? This is important to know, but not appropriate for feedback to the employer. Focus on how well they corresponded with you and the student, the support they provided, and the quality of the student learning experience.