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Supporting ongoing projects.

Your students' projects are underway! The next steps you take will depend on how you and the employer have structured the communication patterns, project milestones, and deadlines. As the educator supervising the experience, ideally you are able to take a backseat as your students manage the project with employers. 

Please note that students will tend to communicate with employers as much as you ask them to. It is the responsibility of the educator to define communication expectations for students and employers and to let your students know what is expected of them. If you notice that a student team is not completing their milestones on time or is not communicating with the employer, please address this with the students immediately. 

Throughout the project, you should check in with your students and the employer to ensure that:

  • Students are communicating with the employer regularly. View student conversations with the employer on the team page or in the message center
  • Students are completing milestones and meeting deadlines. View team progress on the students’ team page by clicking on the projects tab of your course or internship program page. 

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