Selecting company partners

for educators

Best practices for selecting and screening projects for your course.

Selecting and Screening Employer Projects

After posting your remote internship on Riipen, you can receive inbound project applications from employers as well as send your own requests to employers via our Project library.

When you submit a request, remember this isn't yet a solid commitment. It opens a dialogue between you and the employer, so you can determine if it's the right fit. Requests expire in 14 days, so get the conversation started as soon as you can.

These questions can help guide your discussion with the employer:

Does the employer understand the commitments? Especially when payment is involved, ensure they understand this requirement.

Who will be the student's primary contact? What's their role?

Is their project scope clear, and do you have a good understanding of what the company expects from the intern? Make sure you're both on the same page.

Is the work likely to be within the student's abilities, and suitable for the number of hours required?

What is the optimal frequency of communication between you and the company, and the students and the company?

Is everyone happy with the dates and deadlines set for the course (start date, milestones, end date)?

Will there be any paperwork that needs to be signed by students before the project can begin, like an NDA?

Based on the questions above, you should be able to determine if the employer is right for your course. If it is, you may want to ask the employer to update the project page based on your conversation - they can add to the project details, attach resources, upload media, and add new administrators as needed.

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