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Preparation and kickoff 

Ensure your students are ready to work with employers

Congrats, your students are nearly ready to start working with employers! The employer will expect to hear from students near the start date of the internship program or course. If you need them to add information to their project scope, or prepare anything for students, let them know beforehand. 

Here are some steps to take before the start date: 

  1. Check if the employer’s project page is complete and up-to-date. Does it reflect any changes you may have discussed with each other? 
  2. Establish your communication channels. Let the employer know where to contact you, and who the primary contacts will be for each team. 
  3. If another colleague from your school is going to support you or manage the course or internship program with you, add them as an administrator. Do this by going to your course/internship program page, clicking on the members tab, then clicking + Invite Users.
  4. Review and add any milestones students will be completing and confirm that these dates are accurate.

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