University of Southampton - International Work Experience & Market Research

Riipen Case Study

The Companies

The course worked with a handful of companies across North America. The scope of projects ranged from market research, identifying customer bottlenecks, and customer behaviour research just to name a few.

The Institution

Principle teaching fellow Karen Clinkard teaches Services Marketing at the University of Southampton Business School based in England, United Kingdom. This was a second-year undergraduate course working on evaluating customer experience.

The Challenge

Learners worked to conduct marketing and consumer behaviour research. They worked with industry partners to generate a final report based on statistical analyses and key recommendations. A unique aspect of these projects was that all industry partners were international partners based in North America working with learners in the United Kingdom.

The Outcome

"I was blown away by the quality of work produced - the high degree of critical thinking demonstrated in their analyses, combined with the masters-level statistical analysis utilized to draw out cogent and logical conclusions was a shock frankly. I have seen this level of professional quality work in some masters learners and most PhD learners, but not at the undergraduate level and I couldn’t be happier. The learners were easy to work with, had excellent communication skills, and completed their work on time. Their written skills were a wonderful compliment to the high-quality technical analysis in their final deliverables. Highly recommended.” Client feedback

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