Riipen x RBC Future Launch: Rizza's Story

Riipen Case Study

The Learner

Rizza is a business administration learner at Red River College who completed a Riipen project in her first year marketing class . As an international learner who came to Red River College for their focus on applied learning, she was excited to get started and gain some real-work experience!

The Task

The European Travel Whisperer is a travel agency based in New York. They were looking to collaborate with learners to increase their number of prospective clients and asked Rizza and her team to create a B2C marketing strategy.

The Takeaway

"Exciting and challenging"

This project was about solving a real problem in the real world where Rizza was able to see her classroom learning in action. One of her most significant takeaways was working with a diverse team with a range of nationalities, ages, and ideas who were able to work together to solve a problem. As a result, she felt that she had gained more confidence to do well in the workplace.

"Add value"

Unlike many assignments, this wasn't just about meeting a criteria but providing the best solution possible. Rizza found it very fulfilling to come up with a complete market strategy that added value to her industry partner's business and received glowing feedback from the client. The industry partner stated, "the [team] did a great job in understanding my business and came up with great ideas!".

The European Travel Whisperer
Travel & Tourism
West Hurley, New York
0 - 1 employee
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