MiTravel - Feature Implementation for Product Launch

Case study from the Riipen Level UP remote internship program

MiTravel is a virtual planning board for groups to collaboratively create their best trips together. MiTravel had additional features that needed to be built out in preparation for an upcoming product launch. Through the Level UP program, the MiTravel team partnered with Selina Wang, a 4th-year Computer Science student from the University of Saskatchewan, and Rajanbir Singh, a 4th-year Honours Computer Science student from York University.

Over the course of their 8-week project, Selina worked on implementing a polling feature for the MiTravel platform. Rajanbir on the other hand worked on building a new location tagging feature to enable easy filtering for users. As they completed their projects, Selina and Rajanbir gained exposure to both frontend and backend development for these new platform features.

(Top - Rajanbir presenting his location tagging feature, Bottom - Selina presenting her polling feature)

Coming into these projects, Selina and Rajanbir were challenged to work with a new and unfamiliar tech stack. Under the guidance of MiTravel’s Co-Founder and Lead Developer Rost Myshkin, both students learned quickly on the job and were able to complete 2-3 tickets a week. 

Rajanbir expressed how his Level UP project provided valuable exposure to every component of a product. “You as an individual, have one component to work with and you just take care of that component. So this [his Level UP project] sort of gives the students a taste of the system as a whole,” said Rajanbir. “The backend, the frontend, everybody's having a taste of all the technologies, so they're gaining more experience.”

“For computer science students, being involved in an internship, even if it's a short one, is a valuable experience because that's what all the employers look at,” said Selina. “They look at how much effort you put into learning new skills. Definitely, for computer science students, it's a valuable experience.

”Through their Level UP project, Selina and Rajanbir were introduced to new technologies, given the autonomy to lead the development of a product feature, and gained new skills that better prepared them to excel in a real professional work environment post-graduation.

Thank you to Selina and Rajanbir for sharing their experiences on Riipen. To learn more about how you can get started with the Level UP remote internship program as a student or employer, visit the website here. ‍Stay up to date with the latest in higher education, experiential learning, and the future of work, subscribe to our bi-weekly newsletter, The Riipen Report.

Riipen Level UP program is funded by the Government of Canada's Innovative Work-Integrated Learning (I-WIL) Initiatives program. The opinions and interpretations in this publication are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Government of Canada.

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