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Riipen tasks university students to complete your real-life business projects for you.

Help your business and help students with Riipen

The Canadian Marketing Association is pleased to have partnered with Riipen, a technology platform that enables your company to engage with university/college students to undertake projects on your behalf.  Your CMA membership entitles your company to special discounts on signing up with this program!

What is Riipen?


Riipen is North America’s largest online work-integrated learning marketplace, where employers of all sizes can connect with emerging talent for youth insights, brand awareness, and recruitment.

Riipen’s mission is at the core of everything they do — empowering emerging talent to gain relevant skills and find the jobs they love.

How do you want to engage?




Riipen In-Class Projects are faculty-supervised assignments that students are completing for course credit.

Riipen works with the educators at participating institutions to adapt their assignments and make them relevant for industry participation. Projects in this category typically span 5-20 weeks in duration and follow the semester timeline. Students in small groups or an entire class complete the projects through remote and periodic in-person collaboration.


Riipen Skills Challenges are engagements that highlight role specific challenges and the skills required to be successful in your company. They are typically tied to entry-level roles across your organization.

Challenges are a great way to build awareness around the career paths your company offers and provides an opportunity for emerging talent to build their skills and demonstrate their potential for future opportunities.


Riipen Competitions are more formal events that are either entirely online or structured around an on-campus event (i.e. Case Competition, Hackathon etc.).

Riipen’s software enables organizations to efficiently manage competitions, provide students with a branded record of participation for their portfolio, and allow competition judges to validate skills of each participant.

Why Participate?

Fresh Insights

Gain fresh insights on a challenge or opportunity an organization may not have the time or resources to tackle on their own.


Find and recruit top talent straight from the classroom.



Build brand awareness on campuses across North America (for both recruitment and marketing purposes)

Build your Network

Play an active part in reshaping the future workforce of the world

How much does it cost?

CMA members receive

20% off a Riipen Advanced License 

50% off a Riipen Premium License

50% off Riipen Enterprise Licenses (priced by consultation) 

Industry Partners License Pricing:

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Discover the Riipen platform and learn how you can gain access to the network at special discounted price brought to you by your CMA membership.